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Post: France-based inHEART secures €10.2M to optimise cardiac care with its AI-powered health solutions



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France-based inHEART has secured $11M (nearly €10.20M) in fresh funding to grow its business. The company makes medical software that uses AI to create a digital version of the heart. The software helps doctors do cardiac ablation, which treats heart problems.

Vesalius Biocapital IV and Elaia Partners led the investment. Other investors, like NACO, Sagana, Sofia Angels Ventures, CWR Funds, and Webit Investment Network, also participated in this round. 

Besides, inHEART also got funds from a crowdfunding campaign on Tudigo and from the Astorg Foundation, which the King Baudouin Foundation manages.

Samantha Jérusalmy, board member at inHEART and Partner at Elaia, says, “We are enthusiastic to continue our support and co-lead this financing round for inHEART. inHEART’s AI-driven 3D cardiac mapping enables unprecedented precision in targeting and treating arrhythmias, setting new standards in the treatment of heart conditions.”

Jean-Christophe Renondin, Managing Partner at Vesalius Biocapital IV, adds, “inHEART’s AI-driven solutions exemplify the future of cardiac care, offering personalised therapy options and predictive models that can enhance clinical outcomes and streamline treatment processes.”

“We’re excited to contribute to inHEART’s journey as they revolutionise cardiac care and address global healthcare needs with cutting-edge technology and innovation.”

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Funds to make advanced heart models

The company wants to use the money to make more advanced heart models that can predict heart failure, sudden heart attacks, and strokes caused by heart problems.

Todor Jeliaskov, Chairman and CEO of inHEART, says, “We welcome this strong international group of investors to our latest round of financing. This new round allows us to go further in addressing the needs of cardiac patients from early screening and disease detection through advanced therapeutic support.”

“It’s exciting for us to be at the forefront of transforming the healthcare industry with the power of AI technology by improving the efficiency of care, quality of decision-making, and effectiveness and safety of medical interventions.”

Optimising cardiac care

Founded in 2017, inHEART claims that it is making the first digital copy of the heart, powered by artificial intelligence. The company wants to use this technology to help people with heart problems get better care.

inHEART aims to provide personalized treatment for heart conditions by using AI to predict and detect diseases early. It believes everyone should have access to “world-class” heart imaging to improve treatments and help patients live healthier lives.

The company’s current solution focuses on improving a procedure called cardiac ablation, which is used to treat heart issues. They use AI to make detailed 3D models of the heart from scans like CT or MRIs. 

Doctors can use these 3D models to plan treatments tailored to each patient’s heart, speeding up procedures and improving their work.

Currently, inHEART’s products are sold directly by its sales team in the US and EU. The company plans to expand its sales worldwide soon to further accelerate growth.

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