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Post: The all-in-one video player VidHub has an early bird price of 88 yuan/lifetime, only for users who have previously installed it.



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VidHub It is an excellent private film and television library application released in the past two years, suitable for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.It can aggregate videos on different devices (mobile phones, computers, NAS, network disks, etc.), automatically scrape them, and display beautiful poster walls, and thenPlay directlythese videos. Today’s new version is updated and charges have officially started. The early bird price is 88 yuan/lifetime (original price 198 yuan/lifetime), and it is only available for in-app purchases by previously installed users. @app

The all-in-one video player VidHub has an early bird price of 88 yuan/lifetime, only for users who have previously installed it.

Early bird price 88 yuan/lifetime

For users who have installed it before, they will enjoy the in-app purchase price of 88 yuan/lifetime, and then it will return to 198 yuan/lifetime.

The subscription price is 68 yuan/year and can be purchased directly through the link below:

But in the face of the price of 88 yuan/lifetime, this subscription price is uncompetitive.

a lottery

The developer has provided several lifetime redemption codes, which will be given away through a lottery on the WeChat official account of the niche software. Interested students can follow in advance (directly search for the niche software, or the official account: appinncom) and wait for the push, and then participate in the lottery.

Our draws usually last for several days, so don’t worry about missing the push right away, just participate before the deadline.

Since it has been introduced many times, I will directly refer to the previous introduction. VidHub The content was brought over:

What is VidHub?

VidHub On the App Store introduction page, the subtitle is: High-definition video player, directly connected to Alibaba Cloud Disk, Baidu Netdisk, management of home theater library, the player can directly play videos on various network disks and Nas.

It basically explains what it can do, but of course it’s more than that.

What can VidHub do?

  • Extensive video format support (Play various video filessupports 4K, HDR)
  • Supports data synchronization across multiple devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV
  • Share the same resource library across devices (set up once, use anywhere)
  • Supports video playback from 9 file sources (all your resources are available in one place, details will be discussed later)
  • Support loading media library (Emby, Jellyfin)
  • Poster wall, subtitles
  • Video classification
  • Cast screen playback

There can be many lists, but to summarize, this is: Manage and watch the movies and TV series you save in NAS, Alibaba Cloud Disk, Baidu Disk, and Mac under one interface.

Multi-terminal synchronization

And the viewing records can be synchronized between different devices. For example, if you watch a show on Apple TV and are about to go out, you can continue watching on the road with your iPhone.

The all-in-one video player VidHub has an early bird price of 88 yuan/lifetime, only for users who have previously installed it 1

For FamilyBucket users, it is very convenient.

Aggregate 10+ data source videos

The video sources that VidHub can load are:

  • local device directory
  • SMB、WebDAV
  • Alibaba cloud disk, Baidu network disk
  • based on AList:115, PikPak, etc.
  • Dropbox、Google Drive、OneDrive、Premiumize
  • Media servers: Emby, Jellyfin, Plex

To put it simply, you just go to the network disk to collect videos, and when you go home and open VidHub, you can see these videos. It also helps you download posters, updates categories, cast and crew information, and records the playback progress. It is very considerate.

Short video.1

Green Little Frog recorded a short video:

After recording this video, Qing Xiaowa felt that something was not right.

Shaving by hand is too painful, isn’t there an easier way?

Batch rename and directly modify Alibaba Cloud disk file names

Wouldn’t it be great if we could directly modify the file name and let VidHub automatically scrape it?

Video is coming:

Don’t forget to subscribe to the Bilibili account of the niche software:

Just go to the resource tray and select multiple files to rename them in batches. Automatic scraping can be achieved by adding obvious episode names.

Emby direct connection

Another advantage of VidHub is that it can be directly connected to Emby. There are many Emby servers on the Internet, and if you can get an account, they are quite fun to use.


Currently, you can directly purchase it in-app for 88 yuan/lifetime membership (original price 198 yuan).

Free version limitations: will only be able to play MP4 videos.

It doesn’t seem like there are many restrictions, but if you miss out on the early bird price of less than 50% off, you may lose it.

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