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Post: Dutch biotech startup RIBOPRO secures €1.9M to boost mRNA technology: Know more



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Noord-Brabant-based RIBOPRO, a biotechnology company focused on developing advanced mRNA technologies, announced on Thursday that it has secured €1.9M in a Convertible Loan Agreement (CLA).

The funding round was backed by existing investors Vlasroot, BOM, the Fredriks family, and supervisory board member Wietse Mulder, representing EchiumBio Holding BV.

The capital injection will boost the Dutch company to accelerate several Research and Development (R&D) initiatives forward to specific value inflection points and further streamline production processes.

Sander van Asbeck, CEO of RIBOPRO says, “With this infusion of capital, we specifically aim to deliver proof of concept for our next-generation LNP technology and advance the development of our state-of-the-art mRNA/LNP manufacturing machine, bringing us closer to becoming the go-to provider of mRNA technologies and high quality (GMP) manufacturing. The anticipated breakthrough in mRNA/LNP performance will benefit the hundreds of existing customers, as well as accelerate the acquisition of novel partnerships. We are grateful for the trust and support from our investors, enabling us to grow further into a mature and profitable company and deliver on our mission.”

RIBOPRO: Bringing mRNA therapies to patients

Sander van Asbeck founded RIBOPRO to bring mRNA therapies to the patient. 

He believes that in 20 years from now, more than 90 per cent of new medicines will be RNA-based, resulting in radically enhanced safety and efficacy of medicines. 

And it can only become a reality with access to transformative technologies, high-quality materials, and deep knowledge.

And that’s what the Dutch company does.

The company is dedicated to supporting biotech and biopharma in innovative mRNA medicines based on proprietary mRNA technologies and high-quality mRNA/LNP manufacturing.

Roel Elshout, supervisory board member at RIBOPRO and representing Vlasroot, says “We believe in RIBOPRO’s ability to drive meaningful change in the biotech landscape. The innovative mRNA-centric solutions under development by RIBOPRO align with our commitment to supporting groundbreaking technologies that transform the future of healthcare.”

Wietse Mulder, supervisory board member at RIBOPRO and representing EchiumBio says “I am thrilled to be part of RIBOPRO’s journey. The completion of the Convertible Loan Agreement signifies a strong endorsement of the company’s vision and capabilities. We look forward to witnessing the impactful contributions RIBOPRO will make in advancing mRNA research and therapy development.”

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