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The OVHcloud Startup Program is a global program that has been running since 2015 and has assisted more than 3400 companies with cloud credits and free technical consultation. The OVHcloud Startup Program provides tech startups with €10,000 of cloud hosting credits and up to €100,000 for scaleups, enabling them to facilitate exponential and international growth.

Why Choose the OVHcloud Startup Program to Scale Your Business?

Most major cloud players are too large to provide a personalized service that meets the individual needs and ambitions of all the startups in their programs. A personal touch is what makes OVHcloud unique and is at the heart of the offering.

From 1-on-1 time with a manager in your region to helping you maximize the benefits of the Startup Program, OVHcloud deploys a secure, open standards-based, and data-sovereign cloud. OVHcloud goes further by offering support from technical experts – including advice on creating and scaling your infrastructure.

This way, the program responds to your long-term goals and allows you more time to focus on business priorities. In addition, the Fast Forward Accelerator builds on the accompanying journey onto OVHcloud provided by the Startup Program with business acceleration support.

Explore the Benefits of the OVHcloud Startup Program

By joining the program, you get personalized support to facilitate your international growth. More precisely, you benefit from:

  • Free cloud credits (€10k for startups & up to €100k for scaleups).
  • Free tech consultation (6 hours for startups & up to 20 hours for scaleups).
  • Technology freedom with no binding technology choices and a solution based on open standards.
  • Guaranteed data protection and data sovereignty compliance in the cloud.
  • Unique partner ecosystem and events that provide you visibility, access-to-market, and funding opportunities.
  • Go-to-market support through OVHcloud’s Fast Forward Accelerator.


OVHcloud Startup Program

Join Thousands of Companies Benefitting from the OVHcloud Startup Program

OVHcloud is a leading European cloud provider and has been a cloud and infrastructure provider for over 20 years, with 1.6 million customers worldwide served by 34 global water-cooled data centers. With thousands of startups already benefitting from OVHcloud, let’s take a look at some examples from previous editions of the OVHcloud Startup Program:

OpenIO is a software-defined object store that supports S3 and can be deployed on-premises, cloud-hosted or at the edge, on any hardware mix. It has been designed from the beginning for performance and cost-efficiency at any scale, and it has been optimized for Big Data, HPC, and AI. OpenIO was founded in 2015 by Laurent Denel (CEO) and six other co-founders based on a grid technology that enabled dynamic behavior and supported heterogeneous hardware. In 2016, OVHcloud acquired the company to utilize the technology at the core of its operations.

French unicorn Dataiku also went through the Startup Program in 2016.

Created in October 2020, Customs Bridge is a deep tech company whose core technology relies on artificial intelligence algorithms to create an automatic product classification engine. The company is targeting European importers with this service, as each product imported into the European Union must be precisely categorized according to a nomenclature for which there are over 24,000 entries. The complicated task for importers is to choose the right category based on the description provided by the manufacturer – these descriptions can be very short or even incomplete. Read the whole case study to find out how support from OVHcloud was utilized to achieve their goals.

Read more examples and case studies to understand how you can use OVHcloud to scale your business or capabilities:

  • Ziax provides gamers worldwide with instant connectivity, player protection, and a state-of-the-art gaming experience.
  • Leading Generative AI firm, Yepic.AI, chooses OVHcloud’s high-end GPUs to deliver its innovative solutions.


Ready to leverage OVHcloud to start up or scale your innovative business? Apply here by 18th September 2023!




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