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Post: Germany’s QuoIntelligence bags €5M, aims to become Europe’s leading threat intelligence provider



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QuoIntelligence, a Frankfurt-based cyber intelligence startup, announced on Thursday that it has secured €5M in seed funding. 

The company says the funds will go towards growing the internal team, enhancing products and services, and expanding its market reach significantly.

Investors rally behind QuoIntelligence’s goals

eCAPITAL Entrepreneurial Partners, a DeepTech VC investor with a successful portfolio comprising European cybersecurity startups like VMRay, Tenzir, and Exein, led the round.

Dirk Seewald, a partner at eCAPITAL, conveyed his enthusiasm for the company’s potential and eagerly anticipated collaborating with the team.

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“Threat intelligence is a wide application domain. QuoIntelligence is uniquely positioned as a European vendor with a highly automated and differentiated service, that reaches not only large corporates, but opens up the huge mid-market,” he says.

Ari Bizimis, founding investor of QuoIntelligence, envisions the company rising to become Europe’s leading threat intelligence provider in the future.

“As the founding investor of QuoIntelligence, we welcome eCAPITAL as the top German cybersecurity VC firm to be part of this success story,” he says.

“We have immense confidence that eCAPITAL’s extensive experience in scaling cybersecurity companies will play a pivotal role in fostering QuoIntelligence’s significant growth. With this partnership, we foresee QuoIntelligence’s ascension as the preeminent threat intelligence provider across Europe in the coming years.”

Empowering businesses with threat intelligence

Founded in 2020, QuoIntelligence offers organisations the services to reduce operational risks and make informed security decisions by delivering timely and tailored threat intelligence that caters to their specific needs.

“As a growing number of organisations wake up to threat intelligence’s vital role in their business, this funding allows us to boost our threat intelligence offering, recruit top talent, and deliver unrivalled value to our customers,” says Marco Riccardi, CEO and founder of QuoIntelligence.

“By continuing to seamlessly integrate technology and talent, we continue our mission to be Europe’s top threat intelligence partner.”

Amid the fast-evolving risk profile of remote work and the rapidly changing geopolitical situations worldwide, the significance of cybersecurity awareness has gained tremendous momentum. Organisations, however, have yet to optimally address cyber risks.

Taking on a pivotal role, QuoIntelligence educates businesses about the indispensable nature of threat intelligence. The company tries to achieve this by integrating threat intelligence into a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, so organisations can effectively maximise their cyber resilience while minimising potential risks.

It sets itself apart by delivering a comprehensive range of services — Digital Risk Protection, exclusive Threat Intelligence, and empowering Risk Intelligence to drive strategic decision-making. 

Leveraging “cutting-edge solutions,” clients gain access to vital Finished Intelligence, enabling them to take a proactive stance in defending against a diverse array of cyber and geopolitical threats.

Its extensive reach across vital sectors, encompassing finance, government, insurance, manufacturing, semiconductor, retail, transportation, and beyond is noteworthy.

Covering Germany, Italy, Spain, and the US, QuoIntelligence extends its services to a broad customer base in the EU. As part of its strategic vision, the company is actively working on expanding its service portfolio and geographical footprint.

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