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Post: Microsoft 365 Copilot — a new desktop productivity revolution begins



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Disclosure: Microsoft is a client of the author.

I remember when Office was first announced and released. Compared to the mess of applications that came before it, it was a Godsend. Yes, Lotus Symphony was on the market and many of us preferred it — at least, those of us in accounting because it was spreadsheet-based. But it would not have arrived at all had not Office shown up first.

Office turned out to be better for most users. Even with challenges from rivals like IBM and Google/Alphabet, it held on and remains the standard when it comes to a set of personal productivity tools. That’s true on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android’s different forms.

This week, Microsoft announced that Microsoft 365 Copilot is coming before the end of the year. It has the potential to do for Office what Office did to the products that preceded it — make everything else obsolete. (Though first it will need to overcome the negative response to the $30 a month per user cost, which was not presented well.)

More about the pricing issue in a minute

Microsoft 365 Copilot’s role

Microsoft has a number of ChatGPT generative AI offerings coming to market. There’s Bing Chat (a free utility provided to Bing users), Bing Chat Enterprise (free to most under Microsoft desktop licenses, except for government and education), and a number of Copilot offerings, the latest being this one.

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