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Post: 3 things to do if you don’t like your job



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I get this question a lot…My DMs and emails are flooded with people hating on their jobs and doing nothing about it…not finding meaning in what they do. The dwelling and the complaining even though is endless, won’t cut it. Look around you…most people who realize that their jobs sucks (or “aren’t for them”) in the first 1 or 2 years working there actually knew it in the first two weeks of joining. But it’s mind boggling to me how much time we’re still willing to waste pondering over it.

Most people don’t realize how incredibly real it is to do something you love. 

Here are a few suggestions of what you can do if you don’t like your job in 2023. 

Don’t know what you love? Go out and try a bunch of things 

I push trial and error because that gives you the insight you need for your next move. Life is about that. For example, go to Bali and spend 6 months there, register for a course you think you’re good at, take dancing classes. Good at skiing? Make a few TikToks about it and see what the world does with it. Dream of writing a book? Write a sample in your Notes app on your phone, screenshot it, and post it on Instagram. It’s the easiest thing to try out different things in the world and landing on the one thing you’re good at…and when you do, find a way to monetize that. 



Use LinkedIn to help with career transitions

If you’re a lawyer with five years of experience and you say something I’m seeing in law around IP law and you write four sentences, you make a video, it depends on how you communicate. If you’re an engineer, post about your opinions and observations. If you’re in design, post about your take on the newest trends…document, document, document. It’s important. 


In this world you’re one retweet or share away from transforming your whole career. 


Written word or video, one piece of content on LinkedIn where you have no followers right now can change the course of your life. Cuz now you have inbound people offering you jobs instead of you sitting and dwelling and hating your job.

Majority of you don’t realize the advantage of living in an age where the power to change the world is in your pocket. Here’s a perfect example of a woman who took my advice and executed her way to crushing it in life by opening a fitness franchise and scaling it to the next level:


Who’s ready to make the pivot happen? Share you execution stories with me on Twitter at @GaryVee


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