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Post: Worried about neutrality being undermined? Cisco’s OpenDNS stops providing DNS services to users in France and Portugal



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#科技资讯 Due to the court’s request to block pirated websites, Cisco’s public DNS service OpenDNS directly stopped providing services to users in France and Portugal, instead of complying with the order to only block specific pirated websites. Cisco did not explain in detail the reason for doing so, but it is clear that OpenDNS’s direct suspension of service in France is against the neutrality and integrity of the Internet infrastructure being undermined by such orders. View the full text:

Earlier, the Paris Court of France ordered Google Public DNS, Cisco OpenDNS and Cloudflare Public DNS to Blocked about 117 websites with pirated resources

Google’s lawyers confirmed that the company would comply with the court’s request. At the same time, Google found through research that even if these pirated websites were blocked through the public DNS system, it would not affect the vast majority of users – after all, just changing the DNS would do.

Worried about neutrality being undermined? Cisco's OpenDNS stops providing DNS services to users in France and Portugal

Now Cisco has complied with the court order, or in some ways it has – Cisco’s public DNS service OpenDNS has simply stopped providing DNS resolution services in France, some French territories, and all of Portugal.

This means that users in France and Portugal will not be able to access any website if they use OpenDNS, including those pirated resource websites that the Paris court has ordered to be blocked.

Cisco said in its announcement:

Effective June 28, 2024: Pursuant to a court order issued under article L.333-10 of the French Sports Code and a court order issued under article 210-G (3) of the Portuguese Copyright Code, OpenDNS is currently not available for users in France and certain French territories, as well as in Portugal, and we apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

Currently, Cisco’s practice is actually very controversial because it involves the neutrality of network infrastructure and copyright protection. Cisco did not elaborate on why it directly stopped providing services to users in France and Portugal, but it is obvious that this will cause trouble to many users.

Users who support Cisco believe that this can prevent the neutrality and integrity of OpenDNS from being undermined, while users who support copyright protection believe that these public DNS providers may receive many more orders in the future, and public DNS providers should comply with the orders instead of shutting down their services.

Google Public DNS and Cloudflare are unlikely to stop providing services to French users directly, but Cisco’s move this time is indeed very radical and is expected to attract the attention of many users of anti-piracy measures.

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