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Post: What to do if you’re using Kaspersky security software that is now banned in the U.S.



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If you’re using cyber security software from Kaspersky Lab, Inc, you will need to find an alternative solution soon. On June 20, 2024, the U.S. Department of Commerce banned software from the Russian-owned companysaying it posed an unacceptable risk to national security.

Citing the Russian government’s offensive cyber capabilities and its capacity to influence Kaspersky’s operations, Commerce Department regulators are strongly encouraging individuals and businesses that use Kaspersky products and services to transition to new vendors to limit potential exposure of personal or sensitive data.

While customers won’t face legal penalties for continuing to use the software, federal regulators caution that users will assume any risks associated with a breach.

The only good news is that current users of Kaspersky software are being given several months to transition to alternative cyber security products — until 12:00 AM EDT on September 29, 2024.

Factors to consider when evaluating antivirus software

After events like this, you may wonder how much it matters where your cyber security solutions are developed and headquartered. Effective cybersecurity solutions can come from any corner of the globe, and transparency and openness to independent review are far more important factors than national origin.

So how do you go about evaluating and selecting antivirus software?

Once you’ve looked around and realized that a free solution won’t provide the protection you needyou’ll want to consider protecting yourself with software from one of the well-established industry leaders in this space. Here’s what a best-in-class provider like Webroot® has to offer:

  • Regular definition updates – In the age of polymorphic malware and zero-day phishing attacks, any software with regular, cloud-initiated definition updates is out of date by the time it’s installed on your computer.
  • Refined malware detection – The threat landscape in the field of cybersecurity is always evolving. You need a multi-layered approach to malware protection.
  • Designated threat research team – While AI is increasingly important in the field of internet security, there’s still no substitute for a team of trained professionals to sift through the data and identify the latest cyber threats.
  • Customer service – You’ll want to rely on  team of threat researchers with award-winning support available 24/7.
  • Reliable and reputable – The number of cyber security companies and products has exploded in recent years. But you should give greater weight to one of the well-established market leaders in this space. Webroot, for example, was founded in 1997 in Boulder, CO. The brand is now part of OpenTexta global leader in Enterprise Information Management.

Resources to help you choose the right antivirus

Personal or business: Business requirements (think networks, fleets of computers, and downtime risks) are different than those of an individual trying to protect their laptop and mobile device. Webroot has products tailored to both business and personal use.

Need help choosing? Evaluating security solutions and matching them to your needs can be daunting. Consider using Webroot’s self-guided tools to help you pick a personal or business product.

Try before you buy: You can kick the tires on Webroot’s products for free. Try the personal free trials here. Or try the business free trials here.

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