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Post: Berlin’s LiveEO secures €25M to help companies manage their climate risks and resilience using AI and satellite data



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Berlin-based LiveEO, an earth observation company, announced on Tuesday that it has secured €25M in a Series B funding round led by NordicNinja and DeepTech & Climate Fonds (DTCF).

The recent funding takes the total raised by the Berlin firm to €51.6M.

This investment will accelerate the development of LiveEO’s solutions and expand its team and capabilities. 

LiveEO: Provider of earth observation technologies

Founded by Daniel Seidel and Sven Przywarra in 2018, LiveEO uses high-resolution satellite data and proprietary AI-powered algorithms to generate accurate, timely, and actionable insights that help critical infrastructure operators manage climate risks and resilience.

Daniel Seidel, co-founder and co-CEO of LiveEO, says, “Our mission at LiveEO is to harness the power of satellite data to protect our planet and make industries more sustainable. The new funding will accelerate this mission and enable us to continue helping businesses worldwide face the growing list of climate, environmental, technological, and regulatory risks. We see EU deforestation regulation (EUDR) as creating the first mass market with millions of users for EO analytics, besides weather and we’re providing a solution that scales automatically in TradeAware. This is not just for the benefit of our customers’ bottom lines but for the benefit of all of mankind and our planet.” 

The company uses satellite technology such as multispectral and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) to deliver high-resolution analytics. It also uses advanced AI is employed to convert EO data into actionable insights.

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It can help businesses detect and respond to extreme weather events and deforestation in near real-time, and monitor and manage environmental risks that affect infrastructure, such as vegetation encroachment on power lines or ground deformation near railways.

The platform already helps customers from Europe, the US, Japan, and Australia detect and respond to critical events in real-time as well as predictive monitoring and management of environmental risks.  

Also, it can help companies reduce their carbon footprint, remain compliant in the face of ever-evolving regulations, and increase their climate resilience.

The LiveEO platform is used by Europe’s largest railway operator, Deutsche Bahn, to safeguard its assets.

It has also helped a Nigerian pipeline operator tackle oil theft and reduce million-dollar losses, as well as curb illegal logging in Moldova.

LiveEO has partners including Accenture, AWS, and SAP and customers including EON, Iberdrola, and Network Rail.

The investor

NordicNinja is a founder, and operator-led VC fund focused on deeptech, climate tech, and digital society solutions.

It is the largest Japanese-backed VC in Europe, managed by Rainer Sternfeld, Tomosaku Sohara, Marek Kiisa, and Shinichi Nikkuni.

Rainer Sternfeld, Partner at NordicNinja says, “NordicNinja is delighted to be supporting Daniel, Sven, and the LiveEO team with this investment. As an entrepreneur and founder myself, I’ve spent a decade in Silicon Valley and Europe working on building data platforms and developer ecosystems for Earth Observation, renewable energy, and the oceans, and understand the challenges and opportunities in this space deeply. The LiveEO team’s advanced use of satellite data and problem-solving AI algorithms offer businesses the precise, actionable insights needed to effectively manage and mitigate climate-related risks, which are only increasing in frequency and severity.”

The DeepTech & Climate Fonds (DTCF) invests up to €1B in the growth of transformative tech companies in the coming years.

As an anchor investor and partner of long-term European investors, the DTCF helps to expand the technology ecosystem and develop new technology-based SMEs. It is financed by the German Future Fund as well as the ERP Special Fund. 

Dr. Elisabeth Schrey, Partner at DCTF says, “As an investor dedicated to propelling the growth of groundbreaking technology companies across Europe, we are particularly excited about LiveEO’s innovative approach to transforming earth observation. LiveEO stands out with its excellent team of technologists and its platform that incorporates cutting-edge artificial intelligence and data engineering capabilities. This strong foundation enables LiveEO to offer critical tools that pave the way for sustainable automation across industries.”

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