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Post: Apple Intelligence in Europe doesn’t (yet) make sense – Computerworld



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That’s a lot of information.

Apple is committed to keeping that information private and secure, but once it exists and is on the device in some form, I expect the company is concerned the DMA could force it to open up the information to third parties who want to compete with their own AI. As we’ve seen since the invention of the Internet, not every company is legitimate, ethical, or trustworthy, and even those that are might not have enough clout to invest in the world’s best security teams to maintain safety on their platforms.

A Pandora’s box chock-full of trouble

I get the sense that Apple’s decision to hold back on Apple Intelligence in the EU reflects the ongoing battle between the two entities as Europe forces Apple to open up a little. Given the source of this speculation, that might be correct, but the analysis misses what’s really at stake: once you have all your personal information turned into usable data on your device, every spook, hacker, fraudster, blackmailer, censor, despot, cop, or secret service operative is going to want to take a look.

Lora Helmin

Lora Helmin

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