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Post: How to Add a Clickable Link to Instagram Reels, Bio & Posts?



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Instagram is one of the best marketing tools for bringing your business exposure on a global level. However, one major area where it lacks is the ability to add clickable links in the captions of posts. Not only is this frustrating, but it also affects the marketing results you are aiming for.

Links are vital since they guide the audience towards the product or service you are trying to sell. So, when you can’t have clickable links in the posts, reels, or captions, the ROI you were likely expecting will suffer.

Is there any way to add a clickable link to Instagram besides the bio section? Technically, there are a few hidden tricks that can help.

How to Add a Link to Your Instagram Bio?

Add a Link to Your Instagram Bio

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The only direct space on Instagram where you can add a clickable link is in your bio. It is simple, straightforward and there’s not much you have to do besides following the steps:

  • Start by opening your Instagram app.
  • Navigate to the Profile section at the bottom of the screen.
  • Once on your profile page, click “Edit Profile,” which is at the top of the screen.
  • You can then add your link to the “website” section. There are options to add up to 3 links.
  • Once you have entered the relevant link/s, click on Done.

This will save the changes, and you will have clickable links directly positioned in your bio for your audience to click and navigate through. It’s that simple.

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How to Add Multiple Links to Your Instagram Bio?

Multiple Links to Your Instagram Bio

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Let’s say that you have 5+ links that you need to add to your Instagram bio. What do you do in that case? You can’t delete one link and keep the other; each is equally important.

In that case, the best workaround is to use a third-party link app called Linktree. It is one of the leading tools that most creators and businesses use.

To use Linktree, you must sign up and register on the platform. Once that is done, you can add the links you wish your audience to access and share the personalized Linktree link in your Instagram bio.

Similar to the long list of links, you can use tools like Bitly and Shorby to include shortened Instagram links in the bio section.

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How to Add Clickable Links on Instagram Posts?

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So, with adding the links to your Instagram bio out of the way, the next thing we need to focus on is the Instagram post. How do you add a clickable link there?

Let us preface this because there are some limitations to this. Firstly, it is applicable if you have a connected store to your Instagram account. So, you’d need to be a business to be able to add a clickable link to your post.

  • However, setting up Instagram shopping can be a little hectic. So, you need to follow the step-by-step guide, which is shown here. Some of the significant factors to consider are:
  • The first step to enabling the Instagram shop option is to get approved.
  • Next, connect Facebook Catalog Manager to your account.
  • Lastly, allow Instagram Shopping from there.

Once enabled, you can add personalized links to each of your shared posts. This lets your customers click the link directly and make a purchase from the store.

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How to Put a Clickable Link on Instagram Story?

Clickable Link on Instagram Story

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Much like putting direct links in your Instagram bio, you can do the same on your Instagram stories. The only restriction is that stories are an “app only” feature.

Once done, follow the steps mentioned:

  • Start by finding and copying the link that you wish to share.
  • On your Instagram homepage, click on “Your Story” and click on the “+” sign.
  • You can either click a photo or video for the story or you can add one from your gallery.
  • Next, click on the Sticker Icon.
  • Under that, you will find the “Link” option. Once you click on that, it will redirect you to where you’d need to add your link. Paste the link there.
  • You can drag the sticker to position it as per your comfort.
  • Once done, you can post it on your Instagram from there.

You must follow the steps mentioned here to ensure that you can redirect your audience to click on the link and check out the product or service you are selling.

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How to Put a Clickable Link in Instagram Reels?

If you run an e-commerce shop on Instagram and want to promote your products using reels, there is a workaround for you to add a clickable link to the reel.

Before you follow the steps mentioned, connect your e-shop to your Instagram profile. Then follow the steps to add link to Instagram reel:

  • Launch your Instagram app and then log into your business account.
  • Tap “Professional Dashboard” and scroll down until you find the Shops button.
  • You can click on “Get Started” to open the Instagram shop.
  • For efficiency, you’d also need to connect your Facebook and Meta Business Manager accounts.
  • This enables you to have your e-shop catalog. So, the next link you add to your Instagram reel can also include a clickable link to one of the products you wish to sell there.

Note: This feature has certain limitations since it is likely an exclusive feature available for verified businesses on Instagram.

How to Add a Clickable Link on Instagram via Button?

When you open an Instagram business account, you often see the button saying “View Shop.” Clicking on it redirects you to the Instagram store, where customers can buy your products directly.

The question is, “How do you do it?”

While “View Shop” is the most commonly used CTA, a few others are to consider, including Call, Text, Buy Tickets, Book, Schedule, Reserve, Start Order, etc.

For this, you’d have to rely on third-party link tools like Embed Social to be able to add those buttons to your Instagram bio.

Is it Possible to Add a Clickable Link on the Instagram Bio during Scheduling Posts?

The answer to that is yes.

When scheduling your posts, you can add a working and clickable link in the bio. Here’s how to do it:

  • Create your scheduled post as usual.
  • Add the media and the caption, and even adjust the dates you wish the post to go live.
  • In those empty fields, you will hear one saying “Links.” Enter the specific link that you want to display with the post.
  • Once done, click on Schedule, and you will be all set.


While Instagram doesn’t allow clickable links directly within Reels or post captions, there are still ways to direct viewers to your desired destination effectively. Since Reel captions have a character limit, you can include a shortened URL that won’t be clickable. Similarly, posts need more functionality. The best solution is to leverage your bio section.

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