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Post: Nut Album – Free Android photo album: small and fast



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Nuts AlbumIt is a free Android photo album application, with the main features of being small and fast. It also supports Baidu Disk and WebDAV, and has a built-in watermarking tool. @app

Guoren Photo Album - Free Android photo album application, small and fast

Yesterday I introduced the recommendedImage Toolbox – An open source image editor with 93 functions. Today, we will only introduce the image comparison and selection function (Android)In the comments, someone asked:

What app is better for viewing pictures on Android? Please recommend

Nut Album - Free Android photo album: small and fast 1

@dev classmate’s simple and rough recommendation: Nut album, small and fast

That sounds great.

Nuts Album

Guoren Photo Album is a free Android app that is constantly updated. In addition to ordinary photo viewing, it also has:

  • Immersive mode (full screen, click on the left and right edges of the screen to switch images)
  • Slideshow (auto-switching)
  • Volume key to turn pages (very convenient)
  • Multiple theme colors (dark mode is popular)
  • Recycle Bin
  • Support HEIC format

And other functions, as well as a series of detailed functions in the settings, such as:

  • Filter files smaller than 30KB
  • Automatically rotate the screen (according to the photo)
  • Rotate photo with gesture
  • Show photo information
  • Supports changing the dominant hand in immersive mode
  • Customize the interface button position order

I used Qing Xiaowa for a while, the installation package is only 5M in size, and the startup speed is very fast. Thumbnails will be gradually generated when you open it for the first time, and the speed of browsing pictures is very fast afterwards.

You can also view the photo EXIF ​​information, including shooting equipment, aperture size, shutter, geographic location and other information.

Nut Album - Free Android photo album: small and fast 2


Judging from the comments on Kuaik, Nut Album received a high score of 9.4 (432 people rated it, of which 394 gave it five stars), which is a very high praise rate.


In addition, for those who are dissatisfied with the system album, you can also try another open source album:


Nut Album - Free Android photo album: small and fast 3
Nut Album - Free Android photo album: small and fast 4
Nut Album - Free Android photo album: small and fast 5
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