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Post: 68 Instagram Statistics Showing Its Value for Your Brand



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Instagram isn’t the new cool kid on the market anymore. Arguably, it’s more of an eternal phenomenon. Time and again, the platform has surfaced several pieces of evidence that reveal how valuable it can be for business creators.

Instagram serves the interests of individuals and businesses. In this article, we’ll examine evidence related to this time-tested social network platform’s demographics, user behavior, content performance, and other important details.

This statistical evidence will help you make informed decisions when looking for ways to effectively use Instagram in your marketing strategy. 

General Instagram statistics 

These statistics give you a general overview of Instagram’s current state and its usefulness. 

  • Instagram is the 4th most visited website worldwide. It has 2 billion active users each month. 
  • Instagram Threads has 15.36 million active users, indicating its growth in text-based engagement. It reached 1 million users within an hour of its launch.
  • “Instagram” is the 10th most searched term on Google, with 15 million searches per month.
  • 35.71% of mobile internet users access Instagram monthly, a number equal to the population of Europe and North America combined. US adults spend about 33 minutes daily on Instagram.
  • As an indicator of Instagram’s high e-commerce activity, 130 million users click on shopping posts every month.

Instagram user demographic statistics

Instagram has a broad user base with different ages, genders, locations, and interests. These statistics give you an overview of user demographics so you can create personalized content and promote it according to users’ interests. 

  • Men make up 51.8% of users, slightly more than women at 48.2%.
  • Instagram is most popular in India, with 358.6 million users. The United States has around 158.5 million, and Brazil has 122.9 million.
  • 87% of Instagram users live outside the US.
  • Gen Z users in the US spend almost 5 hours weekly on Instagram.
  • 85% of iOS uses aged 16 – 25 also use Insta.. 
  • 21% of US Gen Z adults use Instagram Reels weekly.
  • The 18-24 age group is the largest section of Instagram’s ad audience.

Instagram user behavior statistics

The purpose of Instagram varies across its base. Users interact with content and channels differently based on their intentions. Below is a glimpse of Instagram users’ preferences when it comes to content type and objectives. 

  • 64.8% use Instagram for entertainment. 
  • 70.4% post photos or videos, showing high content creation.
  • 62.7% follow or research brands on Instagram. A study confirms that 70% of shoppers use Instagram to make purchase decisions. 
  • Globally, Instagrammers spend an average of 12 hours per month on the site.
  • Over 100 million people watch Instagram Live daily, and 70% view Instagram Stories daily.
  • Up to 95 million Instagram users may be bots, which costs marketers $1.3 billion each year.
  • 21% of Instagram users log in weekly, while 16% log in less often. 38% of users log on multiple times a day.

Instagram advertising statistics

These statistics help you understand the type of content you can use to engage your audience. The stats mention click-through rates (CTR) and cost-per-click (CPC) data to offer you a ballpark range. 

  • Instagram’s ad reach grew by 12.2% between 2022 and 2023, showing that it’s becoming more effective for advertisers.
  • In 2023, Instagram made $50.6billion from ads. Most of this revenue comes from in-feed ads. In 2024, Instagram ad revenue is predicted to reach $59.6 billion. 
  • In-feed ads have a click-through rate between 0.22% and 0.88%, demonstrating user interest.
  • Stories ads have a CTR between 0.33% and 0.54%. Interestingly, ads on Instagram Stories contribute 26.7% of revenue. 
  • The CPC for Instagram ads is between nothing and a quarter, making them affordable. The cost-per-thousand impressions tops out at $4. 
  • Leading brands have an average conversion rate of 1%, reflecting high engagement.
  • Meta’s ad revenue increased by 23.8% in the final quarter of 2023, reaching $38.7 billion, a significant growth rate.
  • Video ads get three times more engagement than photos.

Instagram content performance statistics

Below is statistical evidence of how different content types perform. Use them to choose what would benefit your campaign the most among Instagram Stories, Reels, video posts, carousel posts, or regular posts.

  • Story retention rates drop after the second frame. Try keeping the most engaging content in the first two. 
  • Reels have a 30.8% reach rate, making them highly visible.
  • Reel engagement fell by 25% in 2023. Its engagement rate is 1.2% currently. 
  • Small brands see a 35% increase in Story reach rate.
  • Reels generate twice the impressions compared to other post types.
  • 35% of consumers enjoy Stories with interactive elements like quizzes and polls.
  • Reels have the highest engagement rate among all post types.
  • Brands with 500,000 to 1 million followers have a 0.7% conversion rate.
  • Reels have the highest reach rate among post types. They achieve a reach rate of 30.8%.
  • Brands with under 10,000 followers have a 1.3% conversion rate.
  • The average engagement rate for carousel posts is 1.26%, higher than other post types.
  • The highest Instagram Reel engagement rates are by accounts with fewer than 5,000 followers, averaging 3.8%.
  • Reels get 22% more interaction than standard video posts.
  • On average, Instagram posts use 10.7 hashtags.
  • Instagram has 58% more engagement per follower than Facebook.
  • Users engage more with content at 8 pm, suggesting an optimal posting time.
  • Sunday has the highest engagement rate at 6.5%.
  • Photos with faces perform almost 38% better than those without.
  • Videos get 21.2% more engagement compared to images.
  • Every month, 2.35 billion people interact with Instagram Reels.
  • Users engage more on weekdays, especially on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Posts with tagged locations get 79% more engagement.

Influencer marketing on Instagram statistics

Instagram is brimming with influence because the platform gives extensive reach and access to relevant audiences. The stats below convey the state of influencer marketing on Instagram. 

  • Nano-influencers comprise 65.4% of influencer accounts, and micro-influencers make up 27.8% of accounts. Nano-influencers are creators with less than 10,000 followers, and micro-influencers have followers between 10,001 and 100,000. 
  • Instagram marketers spend 69% of their budget on influencer marketing, reflecting strategic investments.
  • Nano-influencers have the highest engagement rate at 5%.
  • 61% of consumers trust influencer recommendations more than brand content.

Statistics around how brands use Instagram

These statistics discuss how brands turn to Instagram as a channel for promoting their services and products. They also talk about what brands usually observe while running these campaigns. 

  • Over 200 million businesses use Instagram to plug their services and products, showing its usefulness for businesses.
  • 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business account, indicating strong user-business interaction.
  • 62% of users become more interested in a brand after seeing it in an Instagram Story.
  • 87% of users take action after seeing a product on Instagram, revealing high conversion potential.
  • Major brands post on Instagram an average of 1.6 times daily.
  • Over 150 million people communicate with businesses on Instagram monthly.


of weekly Instagram users visit to interact with creators.

Source: Meta

  • Over half (53.7%) of US marketers will use Instagram Reels for influencer advertising this year.
  • 36% of businesses use Stories to promote products. 67% of users watch branded Stories.
  • Business accounts see an average monthly follower growth of 1.8%, indicating steady growth.

Using Instagram for full effect

These statistics clearly show what type of content works best for different user demographics. When you pair this understanding with insights gained from brand observations and advertising metrics, you can make an informed decision about using Instagram effectively in your marketing strategy.

Want similar insights on other social media platforms? Check out these social media statistics to keep up with the trend.

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