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Is AI ready for creating real-world products you can sell to clients? Or is it more of an assistant, such as suggesting textual content, checking code for errors, or creating video? “We think it’s definitely ready for prime time. Now, it really depends on what the use case is. This is where I think being able to test in a way you can determine [whether it’s] ready for prime time in this particular usage scenario. But it’s definitely adding value to customer interactions, because it’s a set of steps they don’t need to take, but a majority of our customers are leveraging. There are lots of different use cases. Use cases that require deep expertise, it will continue to get better. If the customer wants assistance in completing something more routine…, that’s certainly a prime candidate for leveraging AI.”

What is GoDaddy Airo? What does it do? “It’s basically the AI enablement of our products and services. It’s our underlying AI technology built on top of our data platform, built on top of our experimentation platform and gateway we’re leveraging against our LLMs. Over time, it may turn into additional new products, but right now we’re focused on it making the products we already sell today that much better. It will evolve over time as we experiment our way into it.”

Do your clients use Airo, or do you use it and offer your clients the AI output you receive? “Basically, as soon as you buy a domain name and website, we’ll jump you directly into that experience. We’ll help you build out a site and if you upload inventory items to it, Airo will fill automatically fill that [textual] description for you. If we can get them from having an idea to having a live business online, that’s our major objective. That’s where we’ll be rewarded by our customers. That’s our focus. We do have a metric we track for improving the customer’s value and achievement. It’s still early innings there, but we are improving our customers’ ability to get their businesses up and running.”

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