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Post: How G2 Connects Partners and Customers for Shared Success



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Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of sitting down with experienced tech and marketing leaders from isolved and Google Cloud. Considering our G2 Kickoff event theme of “Amp it Up,” we discussed the power of our partner ecosystem and how we amp up ROI together. 

My colleague Adam Kaplan and I were joined on the stage by:

The push to do more with less amid economic uncertainty is nothing new. This group shared their expert perspectives on how they’re embracing collaboration, partnership, and data to work smarter in this environment and drive business impact. Here are some of the key themes I took away from the discussion as the panel moderator. 

Leveraging data for enhanced decision-making

One of the pivotal points of our discussion was the strategic use of data. Our panelists shared how investing in platforms like G2 has enabled them to access high-quality data, thereby filling crucial gaps in their marketing funnels.

From bottom-of-funnel intent data to enhancing outbound BDR functions, the emphasis on data-driven decisions was clear. Companies like isolved and Google noted the positive impact this approach has had on their conversion rates and overall sales-qualified opportunities, showcasing the undeniable value of leveraging precise and actionable data in today’s competitive market.

The art of partner integration and collaboration

Another theme that resonated throughout our panel was the importance of seamless partner integration. Our speakers illustrated how integrating partners into their ecosystems has streamlined operations and amplified results.

By plugging G2 data into multiple platforms such as LinkedIn, HubSpot, and Salesloft, businesses have seen enhanced efficiencies and more effective marketing campaigns. This underscores the critical role of partner ecosystems in modern business strategies, where the right collaborations can lead to innovative solutions and new levels of success.

Continuous testing and optimization

The relentless pursuit of improvement through testing and optimization was a recurring highlight. isolved’s journey, in particular, offered insights into their culture of constant experimentation, which has been instrumental in achieving a remarkable click-through rate on LinkedIn.

This narrative of trial, error, and eventual triumph serves as a reminder and example for businesses navigating the complexities of digital marketing — underscoring the necessity of resilience and adaptability.

The human element in digital transformation

We also touched on the human element inherent in technological advancements and partnerships. Our speakers shared personal anecdotes and professional experiences that reminded us of the people behind the data, the strategies, and the successes.

Whether it was the reference to assembling an “Avengers” team of partners or the simple act of engaging with customer success teams, these stories highlighted the importance of relationships and trust in achieving business goals.

Looking ahead: The future of partnerships and data utilization

As we look to the future, it’s clear that the intersection of data, partnerships, and customer engagement will continue to define the competitive landscape. Our panelists expressed a desire for deeper integration of data across platforms and more streamlined access to decision-makers within target accounts. The discussion also highlighted the potential of reviews in fueling business growth, emphasizing the ongoing need for genuine customer feedback.

To summarize my takeaways, by embracing data-driven strategies, fostering meaningful partnerships, and maintaining a focus on continuous improvement, businesses can navigate the complexities of the modern marketplace with confidence. Going forward, it’s  these principles that will guide companies in not only achieving their goals but setting new benchmarks for excellence in their industries.

Learn more about G2’s partnerships on our Partner Hub, including those with LinkedIn Matched Audiences and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

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