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It’s become an age-old question of internet lore: Is it Avril Lavigne or Melissa?

During a May 15 appearance on the ever-popular podcast Call Her Daddy, the Canadian singer-songwriter addressed persistent rumours that she’s been replaced by a body double named “Melissa.”

Host Alex Cooper said she had to ask Lavigne, 39, about the “crazy rumour” that has followed her career.

Lavigne played coy for a moment before explaining, “There’s a conspiracy theory that I’m not me. Obviously, I am me. It’s so dumb.”

(NOTE: The video below contains strong language. Please watch at your own discretion.)


Melissa can’t come to the phone right now… she’s on Call Her Daddy 😏😂 new episode with @Avril Lavigne is live now! We talk everything from her writing process to the crazy conspiracy she was replaced by a body double named melissa 😭

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The rumour about Lavigne first surfaced in an internet forum in the early 2000s, shortly after the release of her second studio album, Under My Skin. As the conspiracy theory goes, the real Lavigne died in 2003, but was replaced by a doppelgänger at the behest of record label executives looking to continue the punky Lavigne brand. Some bandwagoners go so far as to insist that the look-alike, apparently Melissa, is a “clone” of Lavigne.

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The conspiracy theory has over the years produced “proof” ranging from intense analysis of Lavigne’s facial features to way of dressing — namely the belief that Lavigne wears pants, while Melissa prefers skirts and dresses.

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Lavigne’s release of the controversial 2013 single Hello Kitty, which was a stark change-up from the Complicated singer’s usual sound and style, refuelled the rumour and has remained a fundamental pillar of the conspiracy.

Similar doppelgänger conspiracies have followed other celebrities as well, most notably Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift.


“Honestly, it’s not that bad. It could be worse,” Lavigne said of the conspiracy theory about her. “I feel like I got a good one. I don’t think it’s negative or anything creepy.”

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Cooper rightly predicted that the social media comments on her interview with Lavigne would mostly centre around Melissa.

“This is soooooo something Melissa would say,” one commenter wrote of Lavigne’s rumour shutdown.

“Won’t believe it until I see Avril and Melissa in the same room,” chided another.

When Cooper asked if the persisting conspiracy about Melissa bothers her, Lavigne said she doesn’t care.

This month, Lavigne announced that she’d be releasing her Greatest Hits album on June 21. She will also launch her Avril Lavigne: The Greatest Hits tour in Vancouver, B.C. on May 22 at Rogers Arena.

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