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Post: Ultimate Guide To Hiring Sales Keynote Speakers in 2024



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One of the most critical decisions for any large sales conference is selecting the right keynote speaker to motivate and inspire your team. A captivating, high-energy keynote presentation can energize your entire audience, set the tone for a productive event, and get everyone excited about the discussed vision, goals, and objectives. 

However, with the massive number of speaking options now available, finding the perfect keynote speaker for 2024 suited to your specific needs and company culture can take time and effort. Where do you even start? With hundreds of professional speakers actively working in the industry today, it isn’t easy to narrow things down and pick the best fit.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process and help you land an impactful speaker.

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1. Research Speaker Options

The first step is researching potential keynote speaker options. Start by brainstorming the themes and goals for your event. Do you want someone who will inspire optimism or teach tangible sales strategies? Consider your budget, audience size, and scheduling needs as well.

Review websites to browse hundreds of profiles—filter by speciality, clientele, and experience level. Many best sales keynote speakers also have sample video speeches online to get a preview of their presentation style and content. Reach out to colleagues at other companies for referrals, too. Ask what impact specific speakers had on their event.

2. Consider Speaker Qualifications

When evaluating potential speakers, pay attention to credentials, experience and qualifications. Top considerations include:

  • Professional background – Favor those with a proven sales, leadership or business track record working for notable brands. Their real-world expertise will resonate more.
  • Speaking experience – Prefer keynote presenters with a lengthy history of successful corporate event appearances. They’ll understand your audience’s needs.
  • Client list – Impressive lists of Fortune 500 clients are a good sign a speaker knows how to engage large crowds.
  • Reviews and recommendations – Positive reviews and testimonials indicate a speaker consistently delivers.
  • Educational achievements – Degrees or certificates show dedication to their craft and continued self-improvement.
  • Published works – Authors can effectively relay important concepts to broad audiences.

Prioritize candidates meeting the bulk of these qualifications for optimal success. Don’t just focus on flashy stage presence alone.

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3. Develop a Shortlist

Once you’ve thoroughly researched 10-15 potential keynote speakers, narrow it down to a shortlist of top 3-5 options. Review your event goals and consider how each speaker fits the theme and culture. Some additional factors to consider are:

  • Budget – Make sure speaker fees fall within your allocated budget.
  • Schedule – Speakers should be available on preferred dates and willing to travel to your location.
  • Specialization – Pick those specialized in sales, leadership, or presentation topics relevant to your target audience.
  • Engaging style – Consider interactive, high-energy presenters who hold attention for an hour or more.
  • Customization – Inquire about their process for tailoring content specifically to your organization.

4. Get References

With your shortlist complete, start gathering input on top candidates from trusted references. Ask to speak with 1-2 contacts who directly experienced a past speaking engagement. Inquire about things like:

  • Audience engagement levels and response
  • Practical takeaways attendees valued
  • Speaker flexibility and professionalism
  • Event logistical support
  • If they’d recommend hiring that speaker again

Reference conversations help verify speakers back up promising resumes with the actual on-stage performances your audience will appreciate. Confirm that noted speakers deliver.

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5. Conduct Video Interviews

Once references check out, schedule 30-minute video call interviews with top prospects. Use this time to build rapport, learn presentation styles, and ensure fit. Discuss:

  • Their process for customizing content specifically for your group
  • Sample presentation outline or recent speech specifics
  • Creative interaction elements or activities they like to use
  • Vision, background and what inspires their message
  • Any other client examples or new case studies from the past year
  • Their availability on your preferred dates

The interview gives a feel for the speaker’s personality and subject matter expertise before making a final selection. Check that each one inspires confidence as your event’s headliner.

6. Negotiate Contract Details

With one top prospect selected, negotiate the remaining contract details. Key terms to solidify include:

  • Speaker fee and payment schedule
  • Slide deck/video approval process (if using visual aids)
  • Travel, lodging and additional requirements for on-site stay
  • Post-event questionnaire and evaluation process
  • Cancellation policy timelines on both sides
  • Insurance and liability clauses for both parties
  • Speaker marketing materials usage rights after the event
  • Initial deposit or retainer amount due upon signing

A formal, mutually agreed-upon contract protects both your investment and the speaker and ensures expectations are clearly outlined upfront.

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7. Promote your Headliner

In the months leading up to your event, help promote the headliner through your company channels. Share brief speaker bios, headshots and 1-2-minute video clips online and in employee newsletters. This drummed up enthusiasm for the presentation. Consider additional promotions like:

  • Internal email announcements and reminders
  • Posters placed around office common areas
  • Social media posts on company pages
  • Campaign including headliner in event registration emails
  • Mentions in any pre-event Zoom meetings

The more employees know about and look forward to the keynote, the higher engagement and learning will be on the big day. Promotions turn your speaker into a “celebrity” attraction.

8. Deliver a Memorable Speech

With extensive planning complete, it’s showtime to kick off your event! Work closely with your speaker on their setup and tech needs. Ensure a comfortable, well-lit stage space and test all A/V equipment beforehand. Introduce them enthusiastically to get attendees energized for an inspiring talk.

After a compelling keynote motivates attendees, follow up by circulating an online evaluation form. Ask questions like how content could be applied at work or what new perspectives were gained. Gather this feedback to help refine future programs. 

Send a thank you email to the speaker, including any particularly positive attendee quotes. Keeping lines of communication open builds goodwill for potential future projects together.

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Landing the ideal sales keynote speaker is genuinely one of the single most impactful investments any event organizer can make. Since the quality of the opening keynote directly influences many attendees’ experiences and perceptions of a conference, it is clear how vital this decision is. 

Choosing wisely can dramatically enhance engagement, learning outcomes, motivation levels, and the overall success of your entire program.

While it may require upfront costs, taking a strategic, thorough approach to speaker research, vetting, contracting, and promotion will all but guarantee excellent returns on that initial investment through a more energized and inspired audience.

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