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Post: The Itch for Independence? Entrepreneurship Might Be Your Scratch!



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womanAre You Feeling the Itch for Independence?

Sitting in your corporate office with the occasional ping of an email notification, you can’t help but feel a tug in your heart. The corporate ladder may have once been thrilling; however, now seems like an endless loop of deadlines, politics, and red tape. The promise of ‘casual Fridays’ and the annual company retreat no longer stirs excitement within you. Instead, there’s this growing itch for Independence, a yearning to be the master of your destiny. If this scenario resonates with you, you are part of a burgeoning group of professionals seeking more from their careers than just a paycheck.

The entrepreneurial spirit is catching fire across the workforce, with 72% of aspiring career changers expressing a strong desire for greater autonomy and control. This figure isn’t just anecdotal; it’s backed by solid research, like the Score Survey, pointing to a significant shift in career aspirations. But what’s driving this search for Independence?

Autonomy is a powerful motivator. It stands for freedom, personal expression, and the ability to steer your life and work in your chosen direction. Making decisions that directly impact your future without layers of approvals is liberating. For many, entrepreneurship is the vessel that promises to take them there.

ManThese are the motivators of this independence-seeking workforce:

Flexibility: The Score Survey indicates that people are drawn to entrepreneurship because they have the flexibility to set their schedule and work environment.
Purpose: Many seek a more profound sense of purpose in their work, which entrepreneurship can offer by aligning one’s business with personal values and passions.
Financial Potential: Uncapped financial potential is also tempting. While entrepreneurship comes with risks, the possibility of substantial financial rewards is irresistible for many.

mature maleEmbarking on a Career Ownership journey is only for some. However, for those who are undeterred, the rewards can be substantial—not just in monetary terms but also in personal growth, satisfaction, and, of course, Independence.

How do you take the first steps toward Independence?

You can begin with the help, expertise and guidance of a Career Ownership Coach®. They can take you on the journey, identify your passions, interests, wealth and equity goals and match them with opportunities you may not have considered or even knew existed.


With its stability and structure, the corporate world will always have its place. But for those who find that world constricting, who long for the freedom to innovate and create without bounds, a Career Ownership Coach® can be the guide. If you feel the itch for Independence, then it may be time to consider entrepreneurship as your path to scratch that itch.

Remember, the road less traveled is full of obstacles, but it may lead to vistas you’ve only dreamed of. With the majority of like-minded individuals leaning towards this Independence, it’s clear you won’t be walking that path alone.

Are you ready to leap into Career Ownership and embrace the autonomy you’ve been seeking? You can find your Career Ownership Coach® right here at the Entrepreneur Source.

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