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If you’re hoping to generate more customers within your business, it might help to take a step back and reevaluate it. For starters, what demographic are you targeting? Is there a certain age range? Well, if you’re not targeting Gen Z, then it might be time to move forward and do this! Now, a lot of businesses only see Gen Z as teenagers, but this generation started in 1997, so essentially, the older ones are in their late 20s, slowly creeping to their 30s.

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They have just as much spending power as Millenials, so you’re only hurting your business if you’re not targeting them. But that’s not the only reason either; here’s exactly why Gen Z should be your small business’s next big focus and you should use effective Gen Z marketing! 

They’re the Present

It’s as simple as that; currently, they’re the present. Again, Gen Z, born roughly between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s, are not just the future—they’re the present. They’re not all teenagers, and besides, as they come of age and start making their own purchasing decisions, they wield significant buying power. Ignoring them means missing out on a massive chunk of the market.

They’re Hyper-Connected

So, any digital marketing agency would be more than happy to help you out with this. They love Gen Z’s hyper-connectedness to the world; it’s something that they absolutely adore. Honestly, it’s not hard to see why, either! Gen Z loves being connected; they love being connected to their phone, and they’re always wanting to know what’s happening. This means that they have multiple opportunities to get to know your brand. 

Honestly, they’re practically glued to their smartphones and tablets, which means that they’re always on the lookout for the latest trends and innovations. Plus, they’re incredibly socially conscious, caring deeply about issues like sustainability, diversity, and social justice. So use these to your advantage! Other businesses are doing this (mainly with social media and content marketing), so your business absolutely needs to do the same. 

Influential Trendsetters

For the most part, when it comes to fashion, makeup, and influential trends in general, Gen Z is most often creating these (and yes, other Gens are following these trends, too). So it’s pretty incredible that they’re not passive consumers (the other generations technically are). Instead, Gen Z are influential trendsetters who have the power to shape cultural norms and consumer behavior. 

A lot of fashion nowadays, and even makeup, is all thanks to Gen Z; currently, the shopping habits on the internet are thanks to them, and even the current music trends too! Just think about short-form content; they’re the ones enforcing these trends! This generation has a keen eye for authenticity, and of course, they have a knack for viral content, too; basically, they’re the ones that can catapult brands to fame (or infamy) with a single tweet or TikTok video.

It’s All About Authenticity 

If you look back on older forms of marketing, there’s a lack of authenticity; it’s super apparent that most of the advertising was designed to rush you to buy something. There’s also a lack of transparency. Currently, we’re living in a time of parasocial relationships. They’re rampant, and they work because they’re all about creating authenticity. Unlike previous generations, Gen Z has little patience for traditional advertising and corporate jargon. 

They see right through that garbage that older forms of marketing use to dish out. Only massive corporations still do this, and honestly, everyone sees right through those. Instead, Gen Z values authenticity, transparency, and personalized experiences. More people in other generations are starting to feel the same way, too; business owners are human, especially small businesses, and they deserve love and support. Gen Z sees that, and they support that! 

So, if you want to win them over with effective Gen Z marketing, your business needs to speak their language, engage with them authentically, and tailor your offerings to their unique preferences and values.

They’re Entrepreneurial Spirits

You have to keep in mind that Gen Zers are a generation of hustlers and side hustlers, with many of them starting their own businesses or pursuing freelance gigs while still in school (or college). They’re ambitious, resourceful, and unafraid to take risks. Just take a look at TikTok, or better yet, just go onto LinkedIn, or even look at Forbes 30 Under 30; you’re going to see plenty of Gen Zers who are thriving on that entrepenruaial spirit! 

So, how can this help your business? Well, by tapping into their entrepreneurial spirit with Gen Z marketing, your business can forge meaningful partnerships and collaborations that benefit both parties.

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