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Post: Romanian startup Genezio bags €1.8M to help developers automate app creation



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Bucharest-based Genezio, a type-safe serverless platform for modern full-stack developers, announced on Friday that it has secured a $2M (approximately €1.8M) pre-seed funding round led by Gapminder Ventures, marking its first investment from the second fund. 

Underline Ventures and a group of angel investors, also participated in the round. 

The Romanian company will use the funds to implement its go-to-market strategy and develop enterprise features. Current use cases include web, mobile, blockchain, AI, and automation apps.

Genezio: Helping developers automate app creation

Founded in 2023 by Andrei Pitis (CEO), Bogdan Ripa (CPO), Bogdan Vlad (CTO), and Paula Cionca (CMO), Genezio launches tools to help developers automate the creation of apps.

“Designed from the ground up to be future-proof, Genezio will save precious time for the millions of AI-enabled developers of the future. The robust deployment platform and type-safe calling mechanism maximise developer productivity and reduce the number of bugs. The developers of the future use LLMs to generate code, while Genezio takes care of the rest – deployment, automated testing, and hosting at scale,” says Andrei Pitis, CEO and co-founder of Genezio.

With multiple environments, databases, auth, etc, the platform offers everything you need to start, deploy, test, and scale an app. 

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The company optimises cloud deployment to create the densest execution and save power, memory, and cost.

Genezio claims that thousands of developers used the platform and many of them reported reduced time to market for their apps, sometimes by an order of magnitude. 

“They say it takes only 5 minutes from the start to the first relevant line of code and 2 minutes to deploy their app to production. If you add the time needed to generate the code with LLM, you can write and deploy a simple app in a matter of hours instead of days,” says the company in the press release. 

The investor

GapMinder is a venture capital firm that invests in technology companies in Romania and Eastern Europe (mainly Moldova, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Bulgaria) in the Seed or Late Seed phase. 

GapMinder has a direct approach as an investor, supporting companies to grow through strategic consulting and direct involvement in scaling the organisation, financial discipline, corporate governance, and development. 

GapMinder has two funds under management.

With its first fund at €50M size, established in 2018, GapMinder invested in companies such as Druid.AI, FintechOS, TypingDNA, Veridion, and Siena. Cx, Cyscale, Deepstash, SmartDreamers, Machinations, Frisbo, 

Its second fund was launched in 2024 with a target capital size of €80M.

“Genezio is operating on a paradigm shift – their products and services are transformative for the developer tools environment. Its vision and state-of-the-art technology help developers and enterprises drastically speed up the implementation of new and fully automated ways to test and deliver their own code,” says Cosmin Ochisor, Partner – Gapminder Ventures. 

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