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Post: What are Snapchat Planets? Order and Meaning (2024)



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Have you ever wondered where you stand among your Snapchat besties? Look no further than the Friend Solar System, a feature exclusive to Snapchat++.  This cosmic ranking uses planets to show your position in a friend’s best friend list. 

Each planet, from Mercury to Neptune, signifies a closeness level, with Mercury being your BFF and Neptune a distant buddy in the friend zone.  Intrigued? Discover your planetary ranking and what it reveals about your Snapchat connections!

What Is Snapchat Plus, And What Is The Meaning Of Planets Associated With It?

snapchat planets

Snapchat Plus is a subscription service within the popular app that unlocks exclusive features, like the intriguing Friend Solar System. This system ranks your eight closest Snapchat buddies based on interactions, placing them as planets orbiting your Sun (you!).

Planetary Positions and Meanings:

Planetary Positions
  • Mercury (1st Place): Burning bright! This is your absolute Snapchat BFF, the friend you chat and snap with the most.
  • Venus (2nd Place): Your social butterfly! Sharing the second slot signifies a strong connection and frequent interaction.
  • Earth (3rd Place): Grounded and steady! This friend is a reliable confidante, someone you consistently connect with.
  • Mars (4th Place): The action buddy! This friend might be someone you chat with less frequently, but your interactions pack a punch.
  • Jupiter (5th Place): This friend is the life of the party, bringing fun and excitement to your Snapchat world.
  • Saturn (6th Place): The steady friend! This reliable buddy might not be your top chatter, but they’re always there.
  • Uranus (7th Place): The surprising friend! This connection might be unexpected, but it holds a special place in your Snapchat world.
  • Neptune (8th Place): The distant friend! This slot represents someone you still care about, but your Snapchat interactions are less frequent.

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Premium Features Of Snapchat Plus

Snapchat Plus offers a range of exclusive features that enhance your Snapchat experience and add a touch of personalization. Here’s a breakdown of some exciting functionalities you can unlock with a subscription:


  • Friend Solar System: Discover your closest Snapchat buddies and their ranking based on interactions. See who shines brightest as your Mercury (BFF) and who resides in the outer reaches as your Neptune (distant friend).
  • Pin Your #1 Best Friend: Keep your favorite chat buddy at the top of your list for easier access and quicker snapping.
  • Custom Emojis for Story Views: React to your friends’ stories with exclusive emojis, adding a personal touch to your responses.


  • Express Yourself with Themes: Change the look and feel of your Snapchat app with a variety of custom themes and app icons.
  • Liven Up Your Chats: Set custom chat wallpapers and notification sounds to personalize your conversations with different friends.


  • Boost Your Stories: Get your stories seen by more friends with a limited-time boost option.
  • Replay a Snap: Accidentally swiped away from a great snap? No worries! Replay a snap once a day with this handy feature.
  • See Who Re-watches Your Story: Are you intrigued by who’s double-tapping your stories? Snapchat Plus lets you see if someone has rewatched your snaps.
  • Extended Views: Keep your snaps and chats alive for 24 hours with extended views.

These are just a few of the exclusive perks that come with Snapchat Plus. With features that cater to friendship, customization, and storytelling, Snapchat Plus allows you to elevate your Snapchat experience and unlock a new level of personalization.

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Snapchat Planet or Friend Solar System: What’s That?

Have you ever noticed a little badge with planets orbiting a sun on your friend’s Snapchat profile? This, my friend, is your gateway to the Friend Solar System, a feature exclusive to Snapchat Plus subscribers.

Planetary Power:

Imagine yourself as the sun, the center of your Snapchat universe. The eight planets surrounding you represent your top eight closest Snapchat friends.  Each planet’s position reflects your interaction level, with Mercury being your absolute BFF (most snaps and chats) and Neptune representing a more distant friend.

So, next time you see those planets, tap the badge! You’ll see your designated planet and gain valuable insight into your Snapchat friendships.

Understanding the Meaning of Each Snapchat Best Friends Planet

The Friend Solar System on Snapchat Plus unravels the mystery of your closest Snapchat connections. Each planet signifies a position in your best friends list, with the sun representing you. Let’s delve into the top three planets to understand their meaning:

Mercury (1st Place)

Burning bright like the closest planet to the sun, Mercury represents your absolute Snapchat BFF. This is the friend with whom you exchange the most snaps and chats, solidifying your top spot in their Snapchat world (and vice versa!).

Venus (2nd Place)

Following closely behind Mercury is Venus, the planet of social connection. If you occupy this slot, you’re a highly valued friend. You and your buddy share frequent interactions and a strong bond on Snapchat.

Earth (3rd Place)

Stable and reliable, Earth signifies a consistent and dependable friend. This position indicates a steady stream of snaps and chats, solidifying a strong connection without necessarily reaching the dizzying heights of Mercury or Venus.

Mars (4th Place)

Mars, the red planet of action, represents the adventure buddy.  While interactions might not be as frequent as the inner planets, your chats and snaps likely pack a punch, filled with excitement and shared experiences.

Jupiter (5th Place)

Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, embodies the life of the party on Snapchat.  Landing in this position signifies a friend who brings fun and energy to your Snapchat interactions. Prepare for playful snaps, group chats, and a vibrant social atmosphere.

Saturn (6th Place)

Steadfast and reliable, Saturn represents the steady friend.  This position might not reflect the most frequent interactions, but it signifies a dependable connection.  These friends might not be your daily chat partners, but they’re always there for you and vice versa.

Uranus (7th Place)

Uranus, the ice giant known for its surprising tilt, represents the unexpected friend.  This position signifies someone you might not chat with daily, but your interactions hold a special place in your Snapchat world.  Perhaps it’s a long-distance friend, an old classmate, or someone with whom you share a unique connection despite less frequent contact.

Neptune (8th Place)

The farthest planet, Neptune, signifies the distant friend. This position represents someone you care about, but your Snapchat interactions are less frequent.  Life might have taken you down different paths, but the connection remains, even if it’s just an occasional snap or story view.

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Step-By-Step Guide To Access Snapchat Planets

Are you curious to discover your ranking among your Snapchat besties? The Friend Solar System awaits, but it’s a reserved privilege for Snapchat Plus subscribers. Here’s how to access this cosmic ranking system:

Step 1: Upgrade to Snapchat Plus

Open the Snapchat app and tap on your Bitmoji avatar in the top left corner. Navigate to the Settings menu (gear icon) and locate the “Snapchat Plus” option. Here, you can explore subscription options and choose the plan that suits you.

Step 2: Find Your Friend’s Profile

Once subscribed, head to the friend whose Snapchat ranking you’d like to unveil. Open their profile by tapping on their name or Bitmoji.

Step 3: Look for the Badge

Direct your gaze towards the section beneath their username. You might see a badge labeled “Best Friends” or “Friends” with a golden outline. This indicates they’re within your top eight best friends or you’re on their list.

Step 4: Tap and Explore!

The key to unlocking the Friend Solar System lies within that badge. Tap on it, and a beautiful display will reveal your designated planet within their solar system. Explore the other planets to understand your friends’ rankings as well!

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Q: I don’t see any planets on my friend’s profile. What’s up?

A: The Friend Solar System is an exclusive feature of Snapchat Plus. If you don’t see any planets, your friend might not be a Snapchat Plus subscriber, or you might not be one of their top eight best friends on the app.

Q: Can everyone see my Snapchat planet?

A: No, your Snapchat planet is only visible to the friend whose profile you view. It’s a private way to understand your position within their Snapchat circle.

Final Thoughts

The Snapchat Friend Solar System adds a fun twist to social media interactions. Understanding your planetary position gives you valuable insights into your Snapchat connections.  

From your BFF (Mercury) to your more distant friends (Neptune), this feature allows you to navigate your Snapchat universe and appreciate the unique connections you’ve fostered on the app. 

So, explore your cosmic ranking, nurture your friendships, and keep snapping!

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