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Post: After selling Reveall, Ferdinand Goetzen launches The Growth Syndicate to help scale B2B companies sustainable: Know more



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Amsterdam-based growth leaders Ferdinand Goetzen, Clément Dumont, and Joliene van Grieken, announced on Tuesday, March 12, that they have launched The Growth Syndicate to help B2B companies scale sustainably.

After selling Reveall last year, Ferdinand Goetzen has launched a new venture with Joliene van Grieken and Clement Dumont.

“We’re aspiring to create a “new kind” of business. An umbrella brand for marketing & growth activities that combines services, community, content and products,” says Goetzen.

The Growth Syndicate: Offering “Growth-as-a-service”

Through their “growth-as-a-service” offering, they plan to join companies on an interim basis to help them define and implement a clear and holistic growth strategy. 

The company does this in five steps:

  • Analysis & Assessment
  • Strategic alignment
  • Prioritisation and scoping
  • Implementation and experimentation
  • Hiring and training.

After building a strong foundation, they commit to making themselves obsolete within nine months, helping companies find and train the right growth talent to take their plans forward.

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The Amsterdam company offers various services to support the B2B brand’s growth and success.

It includes crafting effective brand strategies, implementing go-to-market plans to drive product-led growth, and refining your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and positioning. 

Further, the company also provides account-based marketing, demand, and lead generation, and market expansion strategies. 

Additionally, the Dutch company specialises in building growth teams and optimising operations, as well as providing insights and guidance on pricing strategy. 

“We’re not just another agency or consultancy. Our goal is to build the world’s leading growth brand and support B2B founders and professionals through services, content, community, and even products,” says Ferdinand Goetzen.

Through this initiative, the three founders are pooling a wealth of experience, having supported over 30 companies, from bootstrapped to series C, and having enabled several notable Dutch exits, including Recruitee, 3D Hubs, Impraise and Reveall.

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