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Post: How B2B SaaS Marketing Leaders Buy Software in 2024



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B2B buying behaviors are constantly evolving, with review sites – like G2 – playing a more pivotal role in the buyer’s journey.

A new study from Wynter, based on the survey responses of 100 B2B SaaS marketing executives, sheds light on this phenomenon. According to the responses, 81%  check out third-party reviews when vetting software. 

While this report is packed with interesting insights about the role of review platforms in influencing software purchasing decisions, here are the three key findings I found most compelling.

  1. The initial research phase is dominated by review sites

The B2B buyer’s journey often begins with a search for potential vendors and solutions. The study reveals that a significant portion of respondents, approximately 54%, start their vendor research with category searches on Google. This initial phase frequently leads them to review sites like G2. 

These platforms serve as a gateway for potential buyers, offering a comprehensive overview of available solutions, user feedback, and ratings. This trend underscores the importance of maintaining a strong, positive presence on these review sites, as they are pivotal in forming the buyer’s initial consideration set.

  1. The influence of mental availability and word-of-mouth cannot be overstated

Mental availability refers to the ease with which a brand comes to mind in a buying situation. When coupled with word-of-mouth recommendations, these factors significantly affect B2B purchasing decisions. In fact, word-of-mouth suggestions carried the highest weight with survey respondents (73%), playing the biggest role in determining which vendors they’d consider. 

The study points out that online reviews play a crucial role in enhancing mental availability. Buyers frequently consult these reviews during their decision-making process, relying on the experiences and opinions of other users to inform their choices. This reliance on peer feedback highlights the critical role of review sites in establishing trust and credibility among potential buyers.

  1. Self-education through third-party reviews

A notable trend identified in the study is the self-education phase, where 91% of buyers arrive at sales meetings already well-informed about the vendor. This is largely attributed to the wealth of information available on review sites. 

By the time a buyer engages directly with a vendor, they have often consulted numerous reviews on platforms, gaining a deep understanding of the product’s strengths, weaknesses, and how it compares to competitors. This informed approach to purchasing underscores the necessity for vendors to actively manage their online reputation and engage with reviews to ensure accurate representation.

The findings from the Wynter study illustrate the indispensable role of review sites in the B2B buyer’s journey. These platforms not only aid buyers in discovering and evaluating potential solutions but also foster an environment of trust through transparency and peer feedback.

For software vendors, the implications are clear: a strong, positive presence on peer review sites can significantly influence purchasing decisions, making it essential to actively engage with and manage their online reputation.

As the B2B landscape continues to evolve and mirror consumer shopping behaviors, the importance of review sites like G2 in the buyer’s journey will only rise. They are pivotal in shaping the initial consideration set, enhancing mental availability through word of mouth, and facilitating self-education among buyers. For software vendors aiming to succeed in this competitive environment, understanding and leveraging the power of these platforms is essential.

Software vendors, learn more about how you can generate authentic reviews from real users on G2. 

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