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Post: After being acquired by Banking Circle Group, Amsterdam’s Biller rebrands to NOTYD



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Amsterdam-based Biller, a buy-now-pay-later startup for B2B payments, announced on Monday that it has rebranded itself as NOTYD. 

NOTYD (pronounced “noted”) refers to an invoice that is “noted” as a deferred payment via an online payment button. 

“The change of brand name contributes to a renewed focus in which increasing accessibility for users and creating optimal customer satisfaction is central,” says the company. 

In February 2022, The Banking Circle Group acquired Biller to accelerate its European expansion further.

NOTYD aims to streamline B2B e-commerce transactions by offering instant credit to companies and their buyers, along with guaranteed payouts. 

Web shops can activate the payment method via the updated website and through the payment platform of partner PAY. 

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These services cater specifically to business buyers in the Netherlands and Belgium, enhancing accessibility and efficiency in the transaction process.

NOTYD, led by Caroline Lanslots and Carlos Fuentes Daher, will continue to grow transaction volumes and expand services to its users in 2024.

Biller: What you need to know

Biller ( now NOTYD) is an AI-powered B2B commerce startup founded by Mick Gromotka, Derek Vreeburg, and Uwe van Rensburg. After working at Mollie and Klarna, the co-founders saw how BNPL could transform payments in the consumer market and realised the untapped potential in the B2B segment. 

With the consumer market crowded and the B2B market remaining ripe for innovation, they started Biller in 2021 with the Dutch venture studio Slimmer AI.

The premise of the startup was rather simple. B2B buyers need a fast and flexible payment experience similar to the ones offered to consumers by the likes of Klarna, and Biller aims to fill that gap. 

As explained by Mick, Biller streamlines business practices and digitises B2B commerce for the modern world.

The startup eliminates barriers like mandatory registration and lengthy processing time for B2B businesses when they try to procure credit. 

The Banking Circle Group: What you need to know

The Banking Circle Group ecosystem serves payment companies, banks, Non-Bank Financial Institutions, global marketplaces, and online merchants through a rich set of complementary e-commerce and banking solutions. 

These include global cross-border payments, accounts, virtual accounts and liquidity management, revenue-based financing, business payments, buy now, pay later, and account-to-account payment methods.

The Group entities have offices in Amsterdam, Boston, Copenhagen, London, Luxembourg, Munich, Newcastle, Singapore, Stamford (Connecticut) and Vilnius.

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