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Post: Elmo accidently triggers avalanche of dread with one innocent question – National



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One’s thing for sure: we did not anticipate having Elmo tapping into the existential ennui and despair of the world’s population in 2024.

The beloved Sesame Street muppet was met with an avalanche of angst this week after posting a casual wellness check to the users of X: “How is everybody doing?”

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Judging by the bulk of the answers, people are not well. Like, really not well.

Whoever runs Elmo’s socials was likely shocked by the outpouring of sometimes-funny, but overall dark and depressing responses to the furry red Muppet’s innocent post.

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Reading through the more than 14,000 replies, it feels as though internet users are suffering a collective breakdown.

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Even big brands and celebrities shared their true feelings with Elmo. Ritz, Dominos, Sour Patch Kids and Oreo Cookies all responded to the post, as well as Rainn Wilson, Dionne Warwick, T-Pain and Garfield.

Elmo, a steady and comforting character for many years, seems unfazed by the outpouring of dread. He responded Tuesday, saying he’s “glad he asked” and posted the hashtag “#EmotionalWellBeing.”

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Even Joe Biden, president of the United States, weighed in, saying “Elmo is right.”

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“I know how hard it is some days to sweep the clouds away and get to sunnier days,” Biden wrote, referencing the Sesame Street song lyrics.

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Even some of the other residents of Sesame Street posted to support their friend.

Cookie Monster wrote: “Me here to talk it out whenever you want. Me will also supply cookies. #EmotionalWellBeing”

Bert, Ernie’s best buddy, added, “I’m here if you ever need a shoulder to lean on. I’ll make us both a warm cup of tea.”

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Hopefully things are looking up for Elmo. The three-and-a-half year old Muppet celebrates his “birthday” this weekend (on Sesame Street he remains perpetually 3.5 years old.)

After Sesame Street posted about Elmo’s birthday, fans replied with good wishes and reminders to keep their trauma away from his big day.

“Everybody had better go wish Elmo a Happy Birthday after trauma dumping on the little guy!” wrote one person.

“Elmo spent his birthday weekend helping others. I hope his birthday is as special as he is,” shared another.

Click to play video: 'Elmo really loves Adele'

Elmo really loves Adele

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