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Post: Meet the 8 startups joining LightSpeed ​​Accelerator Lefebvre Sarrut / Sdu in 2024; 2 are from the Netherlands



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Lefebvre Sarrut, the European group specialised in legal, tax, and regulatory knowledge, on Tuesday, January 16, announced the eight startups participating in the LightSpeed Accelerator programme in 2024.

These startups, from six European countries, including Sdu in the Netherlands (other countries Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain), are developing innovative AI-powered technologies to help organisations deal with legal and regulatory challenges, particularly environmental, social, and governance performance. 

Olivier Campenon, CEO of Lefebvre Sarrut, says, “We are delighted to welcome these eight startups selected for the LightSpeed Accelerator. We are proud to support this new generation of entrepreneurs and help them create sustainable and powerful solutions. Our key innovation areas are AI, ESG, and legal solutions for businesses.”

What is the LightSpeed Accelerator programme?

LightSpeed Accelerator is a 6-month startup acceleration programme run by Lefebvre Sarrut in Continental Europe (The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy). 

This programme is aimed at partnering with startups and helping them grow faster. 

The LightSpeed Accelerator aims to build a strong innovation ecosystem, create connections, foster collaboration, stimulate the adoption of new technologies, and move organisations forward in adapting to changing market needs.

Startups will benefit from the Lefebvre Sarrut in-house expertise in its local markets and mentors. They will fine-tune their strategy through dedicated workshops with all their experts.

For the LightSpeed Accelerator program 2024, Lefebvre Sarrut received 57 applications from Europe. Out of that, eight startups have been selected. They are: 


HQ: Belgium

Artificial uses advanced AI to integrate law and jurisprudence knowledge to search legal documents and simplify legal processes.


HQ: France

AVA HR uses AI to support HR teams with daily tasks such as ready-to-use documents, including employment contracts, employee reviews, and skills assessments.


HQ: Italy

diFacile is a legal tech platform that streamlines both out-of-court and court-open payments through digital automation.


HQ: Netherlands 

Govin offers investors, founders, and board members a solution to manage corporate governance with simple workflows and actionable insights for legal agreements.


HQ: Spain 

Powered by AI, Renaiss leverages internal data and documents to improve business operations.


HQ: Netherlands 

Salacia ensures full ESG compliance using an integrated SaaS platform, which provides a fully automated accounting system for ESG reporting.

Suzan AI 

HQ: France

Suzan AI is an AI governance and security platform for tracking AI assets, managing risk, and aligning systems with global regulations and standards.


HQ: Germany provides consultable AI insights for knowledge-intensive companies with GDPR compliance for complex workflows ranging from legal document analysis to meeting minutes.

Kees Kerstens of Salacia Solutions says, ” What I expect from the program with Lefebvre Sarrut and Sdu in the Netherlands is that together we can pick up CSRD implementations at clients. That is also the reason why we are participating in this accelerator programme because we, as Salacia, are specialized in the quantitative side of CSRD. Suppose we complement that with the qualitative focus on CSRD from Sdu and Lefebvre Sarrut. In that case, we can optimally support customers, all 50,000 customers in Europe who are going to do these implementations in the coming years.”

Jesse Grift (CEO) and Tony Nguyen of Govin say, ” We are joining the LightSpeed accelerator program because we think Sdu can be a good international partner for us. It is a good time to take it up because it is also becoming increasingly important internationally. Our expectation from working with Sdu and the LightSpeed Accelerator program is to get a clearer picture of how interesting it is to go international with Govin. We are hoping to draw on Sdu’s knowledge and network to bring that to bear on the projects, and we are confident that it is quite possible.”

Lefebvre Sarrut: Leader in legal, tax and regulatory

Lefebvre Sarrut‘s mission is to enable a fairer, more efficient, and sustainable society through knowledge. 

With offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom, the group offers a global response to companies (in human resources, financial, legal and compliance. 

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