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Post: Charting a New Path from Corporate Life to Entrepreneurship



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As economic headwinds stall the corporate ascent, many professionals find themselves at a crossroads, yearning for more control over their careers and lives. After years of commitment in the corporate realm, Sable Monique Devine faced similar circumstances, compelling her to reassess her career trajectory. With the expertise of The Entrepreneur’s Source®, she transitioned into the dynamic realm of business ownership.

A Catalyst for Change
Sable Monique’s journey began when her company underwent a significant merger. While mergers are common in the business world, they often bring about uncertainty, reshuffling, and changes that can deeply affect employees. For Sable Monique, this merger was a “game-changer.” Instead of waiting to see the aftermath, she took the initiative to explore new employment opportunities. But destiny had a different plan. During her search, she connected with Cherie Kelley of The Entrepreneur’s Source, who introduced her to the concept of career coaching and the possibility of charting her own course.

“Taking part in career coaching with Cherie was the best decision I ever made,” Sable Monique said. “I haven’t regretted launching a business for a second. Every day I wake up and jump out of bed because I’m excited to get to work. I never had that experience before and was used to hitting snooze.”

Cherie Kelley: A Guiding Force
Cherie’s own path to becoming a coach is both inspiring and relatable. After years of serving in executive roles at nonprofits and helping individuals find their perfect job fit, she found herself desiring more autonomy and flexibility in her career. This desire, combined with her passion for guiding others, led her to The Entrepreneur’s Source. Cherie’s transition to a career coach was driven by her aspiration to combine her operational expertise with her knack for placing people in roles where they could flourish.

“Owning a career coaching business gives me work-life balance and flexibility, making it easier to spend time with my grandchildren. Coaching allows me to dabble in accounting as a business owner and help people find business opportunities that fit,” Cherie said.

For Sable Monique, Cherie was more than just a coach. She was a beacon of hope and clarity. Through The Entrepreneur’s Source’s structured process, which began with a self-assessment test, she was able to articulate her aspirations and fears. Cherie not only provided valuable insights but also equipped her with the tools and knowledge to make an informed decision about her future.

Oxi Fresh: The Perfect Fit
One of the most pivotal moments in her transition was the decision to partner with Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning. The brand resonated with her values of environmental responsibility, employee well-being, and community service. Oxi Fresh’s commitment to using eco-friendly products, its supportive team, and its association with initiatives like made it an ideal choice.

With Cherie’s guidance, Sable Monique learned the benefits of partnering with an established brand. From the training and resources to the support from fellow franchisees, she found herself equipped to navigate the challenges of business ownership. After closing the deal in March, she proudly serves the community north of Orlando, bringing Oxi Fresh’s services to households and businesses alike.

A New Dawn
Her transition from a corporate role to an entrepreneur is a testament to the power of guidance, determination, and finding the right fit. With Cherie’s support, she is achieving her dream of business ownership and striving to reach her personal goals of being a responsible employer and ensuring a comfortable future for her family.

For many, the corporate world can feel limiting, but there’s a world of opportunity beyond the confines of a 9-to-5 job. With the right guidance, resources, and determination, anyone can redefine their careers and achieve their dreams.

For those feeling the itch of entrepreneurship or seeking a change from the corporate grind, contact a Career Ownership Coach™ to learn more about entrepreneurship. For more information about The Entrepreneur’s Source, visit or check out our guidebook, “Your Career Revolution: Reimagine and Reclaim the Life of Your Dreams.”


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