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Chip Meyers: The Entrepreneur’s Source 2023 Coach of the Year

The Entrepreneur’s Source® honored Chip Meyers, a dedicated and passionate coach who is making a significant impact in the lives of individuals seeking a new direction in their careers, with the 2023 Coach of the Year award. Nominated by his fellow coaches and the corporate support team, Meyers received the prestigious award at the annual TES conference last month in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

From Sales Executive to Career Ownership Coach™
Before launching his career coaching business, Meyers had a successful 30-year stint as a sales and marketing executive, traveling the globe and navigating the intricate world of corporate sales. However, after being downsized, he found himself at a crossroads. The corporate world, with its relentless grind, had left him disillusioned. Meyers yearned for a career that would not only provide him with work-life balance but also allow him to make a tangible difference in people’s lives.

It was during this period of introspection that Meyers opened his mind to new possibilities and discovered the world of career ownership coaching with The Entrepreneur’s Source. Unlike his previous background in sales, career ownership coaching doesn’t involve selling a product or service. Instead, it focuses on guiding individuals on their paths to self-sufficiency and financial freedom.

“Secretly, I never enjoyed selling or managing others. I’m an introvert,” Meyers confessed. “Now, I can help people analyze their career options without selling them anything. I wanted to be responsible and accountable for my own success.”

A Coach With a Difference
Meyers’s approach to coaching is rooted in empowerment and exploration. He encourages his clients to dream big, even urging them to dream bigger than they ever thought possible. By walking side-by-side with them, he introduces them to various vehicles they can use to achieve their goals. The sense of empowerment that clients gain from realizing their options and potential is life-changing, according to Meyers.

His dedication to his clients and his coaching strategy are apparent. The nomination for the Coach of the Year award by his peers marks a significant milestone in his career and showcases the respect and admiration of his coaching community.

“Chip Meyers truly captures the spirit and mission of The Entrepreneur’s Source. His dedication, passion, and consistent drive to guide individuals towards their aspirations makes him an asset to our coaching team,” said Terry Powell, visionary founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source. “This award celebrates his achievements and underscores the influence he has on the people he mentors.”

For Meyers, receiving the Coach of the Year award is both an honor and a validation of his commitment to The Entrepreneur’s Source’s ideals. Meyers credits The Entrepreneur’s Source community for providing him with the roadmap he needed when he chose to become a business owner.

“It’s an affirmation that if you put in the effort and execute the game plan, you can find success,” Meyers said.

A Community of Support
The support and camaraderie within our coaching community were instrumental in Meyers’s journey as a coach. He acknowledges the fears and self-doubts that potential business owners often grapple with and emphasizes the importance of his network to help alleviate any concerns.

“We share ideas, we share struggles, and we have each other’s backs,” Meyers said. “I felt like other coaches were happier for me to receive the Coach of the Year award than I was!”


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