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Post: What will happen in martech in 2024? A no-BS report and webinar by two giant martech nerds



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Martech for 2024 Report and Webinar

Martech for 2024 Report and Webinar

Want to know what 2024 has in store for martech?

I’m not talking about wild-eyed, hand-wavy, link-baity prognostications that proliferate in every year-end prediction season like that one Mariah Carey Christmas tune. I mean real-world, fact-based, happening-now trends that will inform your marketing operations and technology strategy for the next 12 months.

On December 5, Frans Riemersma and I will release a 50+ page report on Martech for 2024. Based on our research over the past 6 months, it will provide updated empirical data on the current state of the martech market and examine major trends underway in the evolution of companies’ martech stacks.

We’ll share:

  • How much the martech landscape has grown — or shrunk? — since May 2023
  • Which martech categories are seeing the most new AI-native ventures
  • How the composition of martech stacks have evolved over the past 5 years
  • Why use case analysis is key to utilization and smart consolidation
  • Understanding aggregation at the data layer with cloud data warehouses
  • How generative AI is defining the future of workflow and UI aggregation

You can be the first to get this report and hear our colorful color commentary about it by joining us for a free webinar on Tuesday, December 5, at 11am EST (5pm CET and 8am PST). Sign up here, and we’ll send you the all-access link.

We’re grateful to GrowthLoop, mParticle, OfferFit, SAS, and Snowplow for sponsoring this — and to Goldcast for powering our groovy virtual event. Their support has enabled us to invest in this research and make it freely available to you and the rest of the martech community. Thank you also to Clearbit and G2 for providing enrichment data on the martech landscape.

Don’t miss this informative and entertaining session. Sign up now to get that all-access link, which you can view live or on-demand for the rest of December. Make our wish come true. All we want for martech is you.

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