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Post: Does Siri dream of ChatGPT?



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The digital transformation of everything is best seen as a Darwinian mind-set in which change becomes certainty, even as the pace of transition accelerates. Think about the explosion of generative AI during the past year.

ChatGPT is just a year old, and already the technologies that drive it are utterly transforming businesses. Many firms have embraced these large language models (LLMs), and the past 12 months have seen the tech become a business reality rather than a sci-fi pipe dream.

Where’s Apple in this?

In terms of Apple, most businesses now see vastly accelerating use of iPhones, iPads, and Macs where once we saw only PCs. While many pretend the company will be too late when it does introduce its take on genAI, that’s not precisely the case. (Though it does seem pretty clear Siri really did not see this coming.)

After all, even while businesses are making extended use of these technologies, the full implications of them on those enterprises are still being identified.

At a recent CCS Insights event, analysts pointed out that many businesses were caught off guard by the emergence of genAI. More than one in three people now use it at work several times a week, they said, citing their own survey data. While users may be dabbling in what LLMs can do for them, they haven’t yet fully figured out new roles and guidelines to support these operations.

“We predict that AI oversight committees will become commonplace in large organizations by 2024,” CCS Insights said.

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