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Post: Here are some of the ways Apple might use generative AI



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Apple may appear behind the curve when it comes to the application of generative AI large language models (LLMs), but as time moves forward, we can see that not every such model is equal and not every deployment so great. It looks as if these models are far more effective when confined to specific domains, such as image manipulation in Photoshop or tech support resources in Jamf Pro. So, ignoring Siri, how could Apple make a big difference with tech like this?

Developers, developers, developers

Developers generate huge quantities of code, but what could they do if Xcode became smart enough to handle basic code-writing tasks and monitor for errors in existing instructions? The model could be trained on Apple’s own internal coding and learn from conversations on Apple’s developer forums.

This would be an incredibly powerful tool that could potentially make developers’ lives a lot easier by handling the mundane tasks so they can do the more challenging ones.

Podcasters, musicians, video editors

Adobe announced huge improvements to Firefly at Adobe Max this week. These improvements mean creatives are already using AI to build and optimize design assets thanks to Generative AI.

Apple could follow suit. Think about smart volume balancing when making podcasts and music in GarageBand or Logic, tools for color consistency and the removal/addition of objects in iMovie/Final Cut.

Think how LLM models could help guide users to do their work better while making it super-easy to access relevant tech support resources.

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