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Post: How Much Does Facebook Reels Pay Per 1,000 Views [2023]



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In present times, having a source for passive income is very important. A person who can’t make money while sleeping, can almost never lead a carefree life – there are always some exceptions.

A well known but also the most underrated way of earning passive income is through strategically posting content on various social media platforms. It’s important to be mindful of what social media platform you are  targeting and what kinda demographics do they cater to.

For example Facebook is mostly used by Millennials ( generation born from 1981 to 1996 approx) and Instagram is widely used by Gen Z ( generation born between 1996 and 2010 approx), so the content posted on these specific media platforms are supposed to cater to those specific demographics.

We live in a time where everything is on 2X speed. The advancements in technology are just great to even start with. In the ever-evolving cycle of tech development in social media, content creators, influencers and even the general public are trying to find new and innovative ways to monetize their content, build their network, maintain some regular traffic and engage with their audience.

Facebook Reels!

facebook reel

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It is true that technology and social media have become a staple in everyone’s life. Having said that, people don’t share more than a couple of seconds on a post if it doesn’t grab their attention the very first instant. For this reason alone reels have become so popular in today’s time.

Reels are nothing but a feature in most of the popular social media platforms where short-form video content can be shared. Reels have become a huge success in present times because of its nature, it is not as elaborate or plain as a post or as lengthy as a video, it strikes a perfect balance between a post and a video.

Monetizing Facebook Reels.

It’s true that you can monetize your Facebook reels and it’s not as hard as people may think. It requires you to have good content and catchy content that pulls the eye and makes the audience want to take an action, it could be to like or share or copy. Some of the  biggest competitions for Facebook reels are TikTok, Instagram reels and YouTube shots. While all these platforms have the option to monetize their content, let’s focus on Facebook as a platform and deepdive into how much a creator can earn per 1000 views in 2023 approximately.

Ways To Monetize Facebook Reels

Monetize Facebook Reels

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Just posting content on the platform and expecting it to generate passive income is not the way it works. It’s important to explore the different ways to monetize the content on the platform. Some of the ways are listed below:


The primary source of income for creators on Facebook reels is through running ads which is also called Ad revenue sharing. In this method the creator earns a small share of the advertising revenue generated. It is done so when the creators add the advertisements while their videos are playing. The ads can be placed before, after or during the video, and the more views the video gets, the more ad revenue is generated. Each advertisement has some specific criterias that needs to be met by the creators, it could be the number of likes, view count, followers or consistency in putting out content.

Partnerships and Sponsorships

While advertising is used by most, partnerships and sponsorships can definitely earn you more. Brands are constantly looking for effective ways to promote their product or services and in current times, social media is the way forward. Brands actively seek out content creators and influences to collaborate with through which their product or services can reach masses. Content creators and influencers may not always get paid in the form of payment but they’re given products or services which are worth money’s worth. The earnings from brand partnerships and sponsorships can vary from brand to brand and from one content creator and influencer to another.


It’s a feature where you allow your followers or viewers to send you gifts on your previous or future reels which can later be converted into cash. To  enable this feature  tap on the Professional Dashboard under the Tools tab, tap on Gifts to enable the feature.


Many content creators and influences come up with their own merchandise range. It could be clothing. Accessories,decor or any other products that are related to their content. The reels could incorporate their merchandise to support and increase direct sales from the platform, which is also a way of generating revenue.

Earning From Faacebook Reels

Even after monetizing your Facebook account and enabling all the necessary features, you will still have to meet the criterias to actually generate revenue through the platform.


It is estimated that you can earn around $0.01 to $0.10 per view on Facebook reels. Having said that, there is no physical evidence to claim an exact amount earned per view. It’s also important to keep in mind that the rate per 1000 views will differ and fluctuate based on different factors that will include the type of content, posting constituency and geographic location of the viewers. A simpler way to put it is, the broader the reach and appeal, the more revenue generated.

People Engagement

Engagement metrics is calculated on how much time a viewer spends on watching that particular video content i.e the reel. Engagement metrics include activities like, comments,share, copy link, save content, and likes. The more engagement activities a creator or influence comes up with, the better, because the more time the audience spends on the reel the chances of being rewarded are high.

Geographic Considerations

The geographic location from where the original content is from and the video’s viewers will majorly influence the earnings. Ad rates and reel rates can significantly vary from one country to another where some regions offer higher rates than others for the exact same content.

Other Factors Influencing Earnings

There are N number of reasons that affect and influence the earnings on Facebook reels. As a content creator or influencer is it important for you to know the factors that influence revenue generation.


The amount of followers a creator has will significantly affect their revenue generating potential. Creators and influencers with a large following tend to demand higher rates for partnerships and sponsorships as they will surely bring more traffic to the brands social media handles. As they already have such a huge following for their content, the chances of it generating more views will lead to more ad revenue.

Engagement Rate

The higher the engagement rates, the better revenue generation. Higher the engagement rates, such as likes , comments, copy link and share , will have a positive influence on the earnings. Facebook will reward creators who can captivate the audience and improve the average engagement time through activities or interactions.


The content type or category plays a vital role and will affect the earnings. For some niches the brands are read to pay high rates for partnerships and sponsorships, Examples or such niches are lifestyle influencers, beauty influencers, and fitness influencers.


In the fast paced life and the influence that social media has, one thing is for sure and that is  the potential for content creators to create engaging content and connect with their audience and also make a living doing what they love. Facebook Reels, with its broad user base and its diversity for content  is a very promising platform to explore and awaken their inner creative minds.

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