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Post: Meet the six startups selected for YES!Delft’s Rotterdam Startup Program 2023



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YES!Delft, a Netherlands-based startup incubator, recently announced the six selected startups for their Rotterdam Startup Program.

The YES!Delft Rotterdam Startup Program is a part-time and cost-free initiative that requires participants to attend only three times monthly. It features workshops led by startup experts, access to the YES!Delft Ecosystem, peer-to-peer sessions, and personalised coaching.

Over the next four months, these startups will develop their business ideas with guidance from experts and mentors to launch their products/services.

Here are the startups selected for the Rotterdam Startup Program this year.

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Emissa specialises in sustainable fashion retailing. It is the first sustainability platform to facilitate carbon-neutral fashion shopping now and a net-zero approach in the future. 

Emissa strives to expedite the shift towards carbon-neutral fashion shopping by offering a platform that empowers customers to make climate-friendly fashion purchases. 

On its official website, the startup shares its sustainability goals, focusing on engaging fashion brands, enthusiasts, pioneers, activists and nature lovers.


TeachBuddy is an innovative peer-tutoring platform that facilitates valuable student interactions to enhance academic performance and community building. It features, an AI assistant employed to strengthen teaching resources tailored to students’ needs. 

TeachBuddy is accessible as an app on the Google Play Store and free signups are currently available for a limited time. The startup also maintains an Instagram presence, providing updates on its peer-tutoring community. 

Deep Light System

Deep Light System is at the forefront of photonics innovation. It specialises in the development of highly coherent and frequency-agile compact light sources. Its primary goal is to push the boundaries of laser technology and contribute to the advancement of both established and emerging applications.

At the heart of its innovation lies the creation of photonic integrated circuits with exceptionally low loss, a “game-changing technology” that promises to revolutionise various fields. 

The startup focuses on offering compact light sources that exhibit remarkable coherence properties and frequency adaptability across the visible (VIS) and near-infrared (NIR) spectrum.

Octopus OS

Octopus OS is the first company in the Netherlands that serves as a unique online intermediary connecting customers with partner stores. The startup pioneers local grocery and lifestyle product delivery in the country. 

The distinguishing feature of Octopus OS is its commitment to offering customers an extensive array of products, including groceries, bakeries, party supplies, confectioneries, cosmetics, and lifestyle items. 

The items are also available from diverse regions like the Netherlands, Suriname, India, Syria, China, Turkey, Afghanistan, and many more, all within a single platform.


Leafy, a Netherlands-based startup, specialises in sustainable vertical greening. The company has created a vertical farm powered by renewable energy sources to cultivate leafy greens. 

This innovative farm operates independently of the grid, relying entirely on 100 per cent renewable energy. Leafy’s commitment to vertical farming aligns with the broader trend in the Netherlands, where technology plays a pivotal role in the development of sustainable farming practices.


Rotterdam-based BigPot offers catering solutions for businesses and events, with a focus on enhancing efficiency and reducing waste in its catering services. The startup provides a variety of catering options suitable for one-time events or daily gatherings and can accommodate diverse dietary requirements. 

In addition to its catering services, BigPot has initiated an affordable meal venture, making budget-friendly meals accessible to its customers. To launch this service, the company organised a complimentary tasting event.

What is YES!Delft?

YES!Delft, based in the city of Delft in the Netherlands, fosters startups with an ecosystem of experts, mentors, corporate partners, and investors. It offers comprehensive support throughout the startup lifecycle, facilitating connections with corporate partners and granting access to essential resources.

As a non-profit organisation, YES!Delft prides itself on its startups, mentors, Entrepreneurs in Residence, corporate and service partners, experts, and methodology. The organisation supports tech entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey, from ideation to scaling up, all while taking zero equity from startups.

YES!Delft also conducts entrepreneurship courses at TU Delft, which allows students to explore entrepreneurship and potentially embark on their entrepreneurial journey while pursuing their studies. YES!Delft Students stands as Europe’s largest tech incubator for student entrepreneurs.

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