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Post: How To Avoid Falling Victim To A ‘Goldilocks Career’



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How To Avoid Falling Victim To A ‘Goldilocks Career’

Are you tired of having a career that’s too hot or too cold? Is achieving career stability simply a pie-in-the-sky dream? Invest in yourself to unlock your potential and create a future that is always “just right.”

A Goldilocks economy has the appearance of being “just right.” It represents an economy in a steady state, with robust employment, stock market stability and solid growth. The term gets its name from the popular children’s story “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” In case you need a refresher, the story stars a young girl who ventures into a bear family’s home and samples their breakfast. Goldilocks describes Papa Bear’s porridge as “too hot” and Mama Bear’s porridge as “too cold.” But Baby Bear’s porridge is “just right.”

It may sound like the Goldilocks economy is ideal. But in my nearly four decades of navigating business, I’ve seen the Goldilocks economy come and go. History shows us it’s natural to experience boom and bust cycles between moments of calm. For recent examples, we only have to turn our attention back to the burst of the dot-com bubble, or the Great Recession, when subprime mortgages sent the economy on a downward spiral.

Similarly, many hard-working Americans fall victim to a Goldilocks Career. Think back to when you started working in corporate America. As a greenhorn, you were “too young” and were forced to suffer from being overworked and underpaid. Fast-forward to today, where you’re getting the runaround because you’re “too old” or overqualified for a position.

Sure, there are points throughout your corporate career where everything is “just right.” But those moments are often few and far between. Another low with stagnant wages and potential layoffs is always right around the corner. Six out of 10 employers say layoffs are likely at their company this year, and more than half of those companies plan to lay off at least 30% of their workforce, according to a study conducted by Resume Builder.




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