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Post: Do You Have the Qualities of a Great Mentor?



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You have a strong desire to
mentor — and could sharpen a few
skills before diving

You’re passionate about the idea of
mentoring someone. Being an
effective mentor requires a host of
skills one must build over time.
Reflect on your motivations and be
brutally honest with yourself about
how much time and effort you’re
willing — and able — to put in.

If you haven’t already, consider
going through some bias training so
you’re fully aware of your own
beliefs and values and how those
might show up in a relationship with
someone of a different culture or
background. Practice your reflective
listening and constructive criticism
skills with a peer.

“Be as honest and authentic about the
pieces where you’re not as informed
about something, and then make the
effort to ask,” says Amy Friedrich,
president of Benefits and Protection
at Principal Financial Group®,
who participates in the company’s
formal mentorship program herself.

You’ll be well on your way.

Lora Helmin

Lora Helmin

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