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Post: Top Start Up Ideas for Budding Entrepreneurs



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A strong entrepreneur is one who can turn a small gap in the market into a burgeoning start-up, with almost unlimited potential in terms of growth and development. All it takes is being able to recognise where those small, hairline cracks are, and having the speed and know-how to get there first.

With that in mind, here are some of the most lucrative start-up ideas for entrepreneurs in 2022.

Top Start Up Ideas for Budding Entrepreneurs


Virtual Assistants are fast becoming a backbone to businesses around the world

The concept of a virtual assistant is relatively simple. They are able to perform a wide range of administrative tasks on behalf of a business or individual, often on a part-time basis, much like a traditional independent contractor. The main distinction is, of course, the fact that they work remotely – from virtually anywhere in the world.

Virtual assistants can be utilised to alleviate workload during times of growth and disruption within a company, or to fill-in for members who are on annual leave, for instance. They are ideal for enabling business owners and other entrepreneurs to focus their attention on key tasks, effectively freeing up their hands of any administrative duties.

It has been predicted that the virtual assistant market size is set to grow by $4.12 billion – an exciting outlook for anyone looking to make headway in a burgeoning industry.

3D Printing’s potential for a wide range of key verticals makes it a tempting venture for the right entrepreneur

We all know the basics of 3D printing. As a technology, it’s been around in various forms for a number of years already, from (relatively) small at-home 3D printers that enthusiasts can use to design and create objects, toys, and art to the machines that have been pioneering new tools and resources for the worlds of medicine and science.

Now, it’s clear that 3D printing holds significant potential for the future. From building homes to creating innovative new products for health, sport, furniture, and fashion, breaking into the industry means tapping into unlimited potential to the right entrepreneur.

App development positions you as a lifeline for a wide range of businesses

The best businesses to break into are often those that have a wide scope in terms of target market, and one of the very widest is app development. Businesses from almost every industry out there are interested in developing their own app, and earning themselves a coveted spot on their customers’ home screens.

Developing a good app is tricky. Users are growing increasingly discerning when it comes to quality, and creating not only a good user experience, but a memorable one, is the number one priority for any app developer who wants to retain a strong position in this landscape.

What to remember

First off, keep in mind that there’s no such thing (anymore) as a totally untapped industry. You will always face stiff competition, no matter which venture you move into, so be prepared for a tough fight in the beginning as you find and assert your USP.

Secondly, in any industry, a few key elements spell the difference between long-term success and rapid failure. Turning to an accountant as soon as possible will ensure your numbers stay in order, and enlisting the help of a corporate solicitor will ensure that, even from the outset, you have expertise on your side. They can advise you on choosing the right business structure, issuing shares, tax matters, and protecting your interests now, and into the future.

Creating a scalable plan that will see you through many years of development and change is the best thing you can do for yourself, no matter what industry you put down roots in.

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