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With the rollout each fall of a new version of iOS, Apple changes the iPhone user experience — but not everyone remembers what’s new and what’s not. Sure, advanced users dabble with the new features, but many others might lack the time to explore what’s changed.

Here’s a small set of iPhone features you may have forgotten about or never tried. They’re worth checking out before iOS 17 arrives next month.

Get into better app management

Back in the early days of the iPhone, your apps sat on pages on your Home screen, and you had to swipe through page after page to track them down. Things became pretty bloated; discoverability was reduced and a lot of users simply grew accustomed to using a handful of the apps on their devices.

That’s when Apple introduced Apps Library, which automatically curates your apps into sensible collections. If you’re one of the millions who haven’t begun making good use of the feature yet, here’s what to do:

The App Library sits at the end of your Home screen pages. If you have multiple pages, take a little time to put the apps you most need on the front two and delete the rest of the pages. The apps won’t disappear, but the amount of time spent swiping and searching for them will drop. And don’t forget, so long as you know the name of your app you can ask Siri or Spotlight search to open it for you.

Listen up better

There’s a tool on your iPhone that whomever you’re speaking with will thank you for using. It’s designed to improve call quality when you are talking in a noisy space, and it’s called Voice Isolation. When you’re answering or making a call in FaceTime while in such a space, just swipe down on your screen and tap “Mic mode,” then choose Voice Isolation. Once it’s enabled, the iPhone will work to supress background sounds and enhance your voice to make it seem louder.

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