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Post: UK’s micromobility provider HumanForest rebrands to ‘Forest’; doubles its operation in London



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London-based HumanForest, a dockless, shared, and ad-supported e-bike service company, announced on Wednesday that it has now rebranded as Forest.

The development comes after the company’s £12M Series A funding round in April 2023.

Forest also announced that it has doubled its operational zone since May 2022, doubled the size of its e-bike fleet, and saw a 100 per cent rise in e-bike riders. 

Joe Rampley, Forest’s Head of Design, says, “Our compound name (HumanForest) was always going to be a challenge in a market where fast service and recognisable brand identifiers are key to a customer’s experience.”

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“People want to see their bike of choice, take in their USP, and subsequently ride it. By reducing the brand noise we are signalling a new dawn for the company and honing-in on what makes us the best option: being the most sustainable and being the most affordable,” adds Rampley.

Simplifying the brand to ‘Forest’

With this brand refresh, Forest will focus on consolidating its identity while retaining its bold and innovative spirit. According to the company, funding and strategic growth make Forest a major player in the e-bike rental industry, providing sustainable urban transportation.

The London-based startup has also upgraded its e-bike with air tyres. The company says that the addition of brown air tyres not only enhances the brand refresh but also provides a “smoother” ride experience and reduces the need for frequent bike part replacements.

The rebrand aims to connect the bikes and riders to their inspiration source, trees, with the new slogan “the bikes that look like trees”.

Forest’s rebrand includes a new website, updated app, and fleet name change by September 2023.

Michael Stewart, Forest’s CMO, says, “Our objective was straightforward. We wanted to simplify our brand across the board. Our bike looks like a tree, so let’s roll with that. We have always been and continue to be the most affordable and sustainable shared e-bike on the market, so by honing in on the visual identifiers of the brand, we’re continuing to strengthen the positive brand association with Forest!”

Affordable and sustainable e-bike app

Forest envisions a future of affordable and environmentally-friendly mobility services, striving to create healthier and more sustainable urban communities. 

The company was founded in 2020 by Agustin Guilisasti (ex-Cabify), alongside co-founders Caroline Seton and Michael Stewart.

Since its launch in 2021, Forest has completed over two million rides, contributing to the reduction of 250 tonnes of CO2 emissions in London. 

The company operates with zero emissions and claims to be one of only two micro-mobility companies globally to achieve B Corp accreditation, showcasing its commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

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