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Post: Introducing Day One and the VaynerX Incubator, a School for Entrepreneurs



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Hey everyone. I’m writing today’s blog post to bring attention to a partnership I really believe in. Introducing the VaynerX Incubator, a ten-week program in collaboration with Day One specifically designed to help those of you who are serious about becoming true entrepreneurs. 

Most of you know how I felt about school…and particularly for entrepreneurs, I think it’s time we start having a real conversation about whether traditional systems of schooling actually work. That being said, while I hated school, I’m actually pro-education, and when I came across the startup Day One, I knew I wanted to partner.with them. 

Day One is building a new kind of school for founders… one that’s virtual, community-driven and actually supports, guides and teaches aspiring entrepreneurs. They’ve designed an experience perfectly suited for folks who are exploring entrepreneurship, but who are maybe afraid or don’t know where to start. I decided to partner with Day One for the VaynerX Incubator program to leverage my DNA as a natural entrepreneur and give back to the next generation of operators. 

I’ll be announcing something big with Day One in the next few weeks – a collaboration I’m very excited about – but for now, keep reading to learn more about the VaynerX Incubator, Day One, and their fellowship. 

I hope it helps. 

About Day One

I’m happy to introduce you guys to Day One because this startup is attacking a subject matter that’s very near and dear to my heart – entrepreneurship. 

The world is evolving and that is going to require entrepreneurs, but more importantly, it requires real entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, with entrepreneurship becoming super popular and cool like it has in the last decade, I see way too many people making themselves unhappy trying to become CEOs and founders when they’re really not built for it. Thankfully, Day One is providing a framework to help people understand what entrepreneurship actually is and giving them the tools and resources they need to navigate successfully. 

I announced my partnership with Day One as a mentor for their fellowship program back just under a month ago. Check out the video below to learn more:

What is the VaynerX Incubator?

The VaynerX Incubator is a new, ten-week entrepreneurship accelerator partnership between VaynerX and Day One and run by the VX team. During the ten weeks, participants will spend time being mentored by me and my network of business operators and entrepreneurs, learning my approach to leadership and entrepreneurship. 

You’ll embed with a variety of companies I’m involved in across personal investments, VaynerX and personal relationships, and you’ll take on projects from business leaders to put your learnings into action. Through the program you’ll collaborate on new concepts that my teams and I are incubating across Web3, consumer products, NFTs, the metaverse and more. 

Are you interested in the upcoming VX Incubator? To be considered, you need to first be a Day One Fellow – more details on the fellowship below! 

The Day One Fellowship Program

Day One offers a fellowship program for entrepreneurs centered on learning, connecting, and making progress together. As a Fellow, you have access to a curated group of peers, live learning sprints taught by world-class faculty, connections to partners across venture capital, coaching from experienced founders, weekly events with the world’s top builders, and so much more.

‍The next Day One Fellowship Cohort launches on May 1 and applications are open now. To learn more and apply, please visit

Stay tuned for more on The VaynerX Incubator and share this blog with a friend if you found it valuable! 

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