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Post: London’s Facia bags €1M to advance its facial detection technology



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London-based Facia, a face recognition technology company, announced on Wednesday, July 19, that it has raised $1.2M (approximately €1M) in a funding round led by angel investor Programmers Force. 

“Facial recognition technology is the future, and we strongly believe that Facia will be one of the pioneers in this industry. We want to help them expand, enter new markets and constantly innovate their technology to achieve groundbreaking results for the future of digital security,” says Khurram A., CEO of Programmers Force

Facia says it will use the funds to accelerate research and development initiatives and pave the way for its expansion into new markets, especially North America, Europe & MENA. 

Facia: Biometric authentication pioneer

Led by Mujadad Naeem, Facia is a pioneer in biometric authentication and face recognition technology

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