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Reimagine the Life of Your Dreams

Do you need a career reboot? Career coaching from The Entrepreneur’s Source®, the nation’s leading career coaching franchise, helped a healthcare professional restart her career.

Amira Islamagic spent the past eight years working in healthcare and helping physicians open new practices in Des Moines, Iowa. Her experience helping other entrepreneurs gave her the business and marketing skills she needed to launch her own venture. Amira’s goal was to do something new, and she was open to working for herself. She wanted to advance her career and was willing to invest in herself to achieve her vision.

But, an experience working with a franchise broker left her with more questions than answers, and Amira let her desire to open a business slide. Amira reconsidered entrepreneurship when she connected with Sara Roy, a Career Ownership Coach™ for The Entrepreneur’s Source.

“Sara made me feel really comfortable. I could tell she was not trying to sell me anything. She took time to find out my personality and my interests. She was a resource, and I never felt pressured or rushed,” Amira said.

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Our coaches provide a safe space for people to explore their options, possibilities, and dreams. Sara guided Amira as she determined her Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity™ goals to discover the right path. Our approach emphasizes clarity as the end goal. We strive to help people eliminate concerns and confusion and instill confidence to reach their personal and professional goals. Our team of more than 100 coaches has helped tens of thousands of people find answers to improve their lives.

Career coaching allows Sara to be her own boss. Her coaching business enables her to be a mentor without the hassle of managing a team of employees. Sara opened her coaching business in 2022.

“Being a coach is a passion of mine. I enjoy talking to people one-on-one to learn about their experiences,” said Sara. “I enjoy bringing value and hope where maybe there initially was none.”

Healthcare is a Good Fit
Examining her options allowed Amira to realize she could achieve her goals by partnering with i4 Search Group to launch a healthcare recruiting business. i4 is a national leader in permanent placement recruiting solutions. It provides healthcare facilities with highly skilled healthcare professionals. Amira saw a market for i4’s service and appreciated its work-from-home business model.

As the baby boomer generation retires, the demand for skilled medical professionals is surging. More than half of nurses are over the age of 50, and more than one million nurses will retire over the next 15 years, according to research from Simmons University.

“I love that i4 is very supportive and inclusive. All the partners are willing to help, and they all communicate well with one another,” she added.

Amira joined the New Jersey territory in March and is currently participating in training. i4 offers 90 hours of hands-on training, and the franchisees in its system rely on a centralized billing system and candidate-sourcing support.

“Amira is a go-getter with a startup mentality. She’s eager to learn and is ready to take on the challenge of launching a scalable business,” Sara said.  She took her journey seriously even to the point of mapping out what aspects of i4 would help her achieve the goals that we identified in our first coaching session.

Build a Better Tomorrow
If you are considering a career restart, take time to connect with one of our coaches to reimagine your future. To learn more about career coaching, visit or check out our guidebook, “Your Career Revolution: Reimagine and Reclaim the Life of Your Dreams.”

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