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Choosing a profession is just the first step towards having a career. Once you choose, you have to narrow down the exact role you wish to take up and then develop the necessary skills to excel at it. Before digitalisation, it was common for professionals, especially in the IT industry, to complete their degrees and then take up a job immediately after.

IT giant Microsoft has introduced its suites of software and applications that require advanced skills such as administrator, developer and solutions architect. To train professionals and specialists for these roles, Microsoft introduced a range of courses and certifications that sharpen their skills to use a specific application or technology such as cloud computing, AWS certification, Artificial intelligence and cloud security.

AWS certificationCertification Methodology Changes:

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft has announced a few significant updates to their certification program to help organisations and individuals keep pace with changing technology.

The first major update is that Microsoft is now providing its certified professionals with a way to renew their Microsoft Certifications. You can renew your role-based and speciality certifications by simply passing. A free renewal assessment on Microsoft Learn. Instead of retaking a scheduled exam, you can complete the renewal assessment online at your own pace as long. It is within six months before your certification expires. Once you pass the renewal assessment, your certification can be extended by one additional year from the current expiration date. You can do this renewal annually. You will also have the option to access free collections of curated learning modules to help you prepare for each renewal assessment.

The next update is that Microsoft is updating the validity of role-based. Effective June 2021, this change will be implemented on newly earned certifications. The shift to a one-year certification validity aligns with the pace at which cloud technology changes. Renewing your certification annually verifies your skills and ability to perform in job roles that are relevant in the market.

This new seamless approach is intended to help candidates to focus on staying updated on trends. Embracing a growth mindset and the need to keep learning and growing will open you up to more career opportunities, successful performance in job roles and continued support to your organisation’s digital and cloud transformation.

A Microsoft certification is a globally recognised evidence of expertise in real-world skills, that is endorsed by industries around the world. It also demonstrates your agility and helps you keep pace with changing technology.

Top Microsoft Certifications:

If you are an aspiring job-seeker or wish to upgrade your skills, completing a Microsoft certification is the best way to do it. Here are the top Microsoft certification courses that you can complete to give your career a boost.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Server Infrastructure:

It proves you have a thorough knowledge of AWS certification identity and system management, virtualisation, networking and system storage.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): Windows Server 2016

This certification lets you take charge of handling Windows Server 2016 and related processes. It validates your knowledge of database management, server management and maintenance.

Microsoft certification
Microsoft certification

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: SQL Server 2016

This certification equips you to handle SQL databases over the cloud and on-premise.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)

The MCSE certification announces that you can skillfully handle SQL server administration and manage enterprise-scale data solutions.

MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

This certification validates your skills to efficiently handle cloud and data centres hosted by Microsoft using various technologies. Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular solutions worldwide.

This course gives you insight into various aspects of the configuration manager and Microsoft Intune program.

Microsoft Exchange Server: Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016

This certification helps you design a Microsoft Exchange AWS certification Server 2016 according to specific requirements and deploy it. It requires prior work experience.

Microsoft Office 365: Enabling and Managing Office 365:

This certification teaches you the ins and outs of Office 365, including its dependencies, requirements and identities. It helps you to efficiently use Powerpoint, Word and other programs.

Get Your Microsoft Certification Today!

According to one salary survey, 33% of respondents experienced increased pay after getting their certification. Microsoft is one of the most widely adopted technology companies across the world. Don’t think twice about enrolling in an online course and getting certified for your skills.

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