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Navigate Economic Uncertainty: Craft Your Own Barometer

Adopt a sunny state of mind and find a safe harbor when the economic weather is unpredictable by tapping the resources of The Entrepreneur’s Source® to help you set personal goals and explore ways to harness your career.

Weather’s Enduring Impact
The weather has played a role in our economy since the dawn of civilization. It defined human settlement and migration patterns and determined the success of agrarian societies. Crippling droughts led to the demise of the Mayan civilization, and monsoons helped bring down the Khmer Empire in Southeast Asia.

While innovation and technology diminished the impact of weather on our current economy, it still plays a role. Shoppers tend to stay home during heavy rain or snow, putting a damper on retail business. Extreme weather often causes a spike in sales as people rush out to purchase the essentials. And national weather disasters continue to take a toll on local economies. Hurricane Ian, which hit Florida in 2022 as a category 4 storm, caused $70 billion in economic losses.

Climate change and conflict are impacting economies across the globe. The war in Ukraine sparked an energy crisis across Europe, forcing people to cope with high heating costs and skyrocketing gas prices. Experts estimate the fallout from climate change costs the United States $520 billion each year.

Dealing with the aftermath of a stormy economic outlook can be tough for a lot of people. Just recently, we saw Red Hat, LinkedIn, and Morgan Stanley make some major job cuts. Tyson Foods, Gap, and 3M trimmed their workforce in April. Staying positive when there are a grim jobs forecast, stagnant wages, and a rising cost of living is difficult.

Finding rays of sunshine amidst the gloom is possible as the economy shows signs of improving. The U.S. added 253,000 jobs in April. Inflation fell to below 5% in April for the first time in two years as the impact of COVID wanes and consumer spending continues to grow.

How To Ride the Economic Waves
Despite recent economic bright spots, many people are still struggling. If you’re feeling battered and bruised from a lack of job security and an uncertain future, there is a better way to weather the storm. Open yourself up to new possibilities, options, and dreams to find a haven from the turbulent economy. Adopt a “what’s possible” mindset, and don’t limit yourself to the predictable path. Appreciate your value and take charge of your career to find financial freedom and self-sufficiency.

They filed 451,752 new business applications in March, up 4.5% from February.“Many people are so busy focusing on what they could lose that they can’t see what they might gain,” said Terry Powell, the visionary founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source.

“We have helped tens of thousands of people make career transitions and find a future with clear skies.”

Our career coaches are pros at helping you take control of your career and find financial freedom and self-sufficiency. They’ll serve as a guide as you determine your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity goals so you can achieve your dreams. We use an education-based strategy to help you figure out whether you’re up for a new corporate gig, diving into a startup venture, or teaming up with an existing brand to launch a business model that’s already proven its worth. It’s all about helping you find the path that suits you best.

Find a Clear Path
Launch your career revolution today! Learn how to find calm seas amidst the storm. Take time to chat with one of our career ownership coaches to discover your Career 2.0®. To learn more about career coaching, visit or check out our guidebook, “Your Career Revolution: Reimagine and Reclaim the Life of Your Dreams.”

Your Career Revolution book coverAbout Your Career Revolution

Our mission is to help individuals explore self-sufficiency as an alternative career.

We help them define their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity goals and provide education on the best ways to achieve them. We don’t sell franchises – we help people achieve their dreams of self-sufficiency through business ownership. The approach is different, the experience is different. And it works.

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We dedicate this book to the tens of thousands of clients who have allowed us to guide then through their Journey of Discovery – courageous people who have made their dreams come true by taking the path less traveled. You inspire us every day. May you, the reader, also achieve your dreams and may this book empower you and assist you in your journey.
—The Entrepreneur’s Source Career Ownership Coaches

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