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Post: Home Business Ideas That Let You WFH Forever



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We live in a post-pandemic world. COVID-19 has transformed our lives, perhaps permanently. And one of these almost-permanent changes is the shift towards working from home. Working remotely from home isn’t exactly a new idea. Younger workers assign a lot of value to the work-life balance and have been very vocal about work-from-home privileges. Of course, this wasn’t very widespread, and employers that offered this flexibility were very desirable. Of course, after the pandemic hit, this situation quickly changed.

WFH In a Pandemic and Beyond:

Technology has advanced swiftly over the past two decades. Thanks to widely available residential services like Spectrum internet prices and plans, better infrastructures, and more reliable hardware, the tools for an effective WFH model have always been there. It is only that the pandemic has made it necessary instead of optional. But what if you are among the millions of Americans who were laid off or furloughed? What if you were self-employed in a profession that COVID-19 has stalled?

Certain business models, such as many travel and tourism firms, have been impacted the worst by the nature of the pandemic. Others may simply lack the ability to adapt to such a massive and rapid change. Whatever the reason, many of us may now find ourselves spectrum internet without employment and with savings running out. The global economic impact has been devastating. There is still a lot of uncertainty about the virus, and new strains keep emerging. However, there is hope for us yet. The WFH model is exactly what you need to build a sustainable business idea around. Don’t wait for the pandemic to end! These sustainable low-cost business ideas can help you make a living without having to exit your home, even after COVID-19 is in the past:

Home-Baked Foods:

Did you give up on your childhood dream of being a baker? Now could be the best time to revive it and turn it into a sustainable business. If you have culinary skills, it’s time to put them to good use. People love home-baked goods. If your food is great in both quality and consistency, you could even build up a customer base that isn’t strictly local. You may have to spend some money on the right equipment and tools, such as a baking oven, utensils, and ingredients. But if you’re confident in your baking ability, you should be able to establish a working business at home.

spectrum internet prices

Freelance Writer:

Being a freelance writer is one of the most convenient gigs to make extra money from the comfort of your home. Of course, it would help if you have a flair for writing and enjoy creating textual content. If you do, several popular freelancing platforms connect clients looking for specific services with the right people. Sign up on Fiverr and UpWork and work on building up your profile. Your clients will be able to give feedback which can make you visible to even more potential clients. The payout may seem a bit low in the initial days, but it will soon pick up once you start getting repeat clients. If you’re good at writing, this won’t even feel like much of a job, but an exercise instead. Everyone wins!

Online Tutoring:

Some kids are extremely talented and blaze their way to academic heights. But for the rest of us who struggle with complex equations and mandatory college philosophy reading, it can be quite an uphill struggle. Let’s just say many students are willing to pay for tutoring if it can get them that A grade! If you have a college-level background or a specialization in STEM subjects, you should be able to find many students willing to learn from you. College is tough, and you can help these bright young minds do well while making a tidy income. Thanks to online video calling platforms, such as Skype, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts, you can teach students all over the world from the comfort of your home.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a bit of a specialized skill set, but it pays extremely well. If you already have experience in digital marketing, you can start offering your services as a freelancer. You could also set up a bonafide social media marketing firm, and handle clients more formally. But as long as you have access to residential spectrum internetservices like the popular Spectrum packages, a smartphone, and a laptop, you have everything you need.

Certain platforms also offer specialized paid marketing courses, such as Facebook Blueprint. If you can pass the course successfully, you become a Facebook certified social media marketer. Even if you don’t, the course material is still free to access.

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