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Post: Executive Targets Entrepreneurship to Retire in Style



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Write your success story and discover the path to achieving your dreams by adopting a Multi-Unit Mindset™. A top-tier executive turned to career coaching with The Entrepreneur’s Source® to explore multi-unit investment opportunities as he sets his sights on retirement.

Clint Ardoin has a successful career in the oil and gas industry. He spent 17 years at Shell working in Geismar, Louisiana, and in Houston before starting his current role at PEMEX, a Mexican state-owned refining and petroleum company that acquired business assets in Texas. At PEMEX, Ardoin leads construction, maintenance projects, and turnarounds valued at $800 million a year. He also manages rental properties in Louisiana.

In a bid to retire early, Ardoin wanted to diversify his portfolio to build his wealth and ensure he can financially take care of his family for years to come. He connected with Andrew Ritterling, a Career Ownership Coach™ for The Entrepreneur’s Source, to explore his options, possibilities, and dreams.

“My goal was to find a business opportunity to generate a passive income to allow me to retire early,” Ardoin said. “I want someone else to handle daily operations until I retire so that I can stay focused on my current job.”

Taking a You-Focused Approach
The Entrepreneur’s Source uses education-based coaching tools to help people discover a new path. Ritterling started coaching in 2021 after spending the bulk of his career managing retail operations. He has young children and sought a remote opportunity offering flexibility and growth potential. As a career ownership coach, Ritterling helps his clients eliminate concerns and confusion about their future by instilling confidence and providing education.

“My father owned a business that he started in our basement. It went on to be very successful. I’ve seen the power of entrepreneurship firsthand, and I believe in it,” Ritterling said. “Coaching gives me the flexibility to be a present father, and I love helping people. I get energy from working with others and having an impact on people’s lives.”

Ardoin started his coaching journey by determining his Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity™ goals to find the best investment for his future. He focused on businesses with an established management company to achieve his vision. A management company charges a fee to spearhead daily operations and allow the owner to focus on growth or an alternative career.

As an absentee owner, Ardoin gets the perks of owning a business with limited responsibilities. The management company’s experience and established systems help mitigate risk, and he can benefit from its expertise and knowledge of the brand.

“Clint wanted to learn how his personal, professional, and business puzzle pieces could come together to achieve his goals,” Ritterling said. “He came to our coaching sessions prepared, and he was very engaged. He was willing to take the risk needed to generate a long-term award.”

Adopting a Multi-Unit Mindset
Exploring his options helped Ardoin adopt a Multi-Unit Mindset. Having multiple units allows him to establish a strong market presence. It increases the visibility of his brand and helps him build a large customer base. Operating multiple units means you have more revenue streams. Instead of relying on the success of a single location, you diversify your income sources, reducing the risk associated with a single unit.

He partnered with Spray Foam Genie, a spray foam insulation contractor, to achieve his vision. Spray Foam Genie’s insulation technology helps customers keep their homes at an optimal temperature year-round while lowering the homeowners’ cost of energy. He invested in two territories.

Setting his sights on the future, Ardoin decided to open his Spray Foam Genie business in Florida. His territory spans from Mobile, Alabama, to Panama City, Florida. He plans to retire to the area with his family. In addition to relying on help from the management company, Ardoin tapped his father-in-law to serve as his location’s general manager.

“My father-in-law is retired but has experience in retail and the construction business. He agreed to be the general manager to ensure the business gets off to a good start. It’s great because I trust him and know he can make the business successful,” Ardoin said. “He will be working hand in hand with my wife Ammanda who is the COO for our newly formed business, together they have the skills required and will dedicate the time needed to drive growth and success.

Generate a Passive Income
If you’re ready to adopt a Multi-Unit Mindset and build wealth to enjoy retirement, contact a Career Ownership Coach™ to learn more about entrepreneurship. For more information about TES, visit, or check out our guidebook, “Your Career Revolution: Reimagine and Reclaim the Life of Your Dreams.”

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