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Why does someone be conscious of emails? Why the emails keep secure? It is because we use emails for some official and professional purpose. Businesses used to deal professionally with insiders and outsiders. At home, people mainly used to do work from home, and for some studies.

Wherever the computer is in use, a person wants to keep the emails away from stalkers, competitors, or hackers. Because email contains confidential information, personal data, and some secret dealings as well, therefore, it is the requirement of time to make sure the emails are safe from employees’ and kids’ hands.

We are talking about Employees and the children as you can only ethically spy on these two. TheOneSpy is the topmost computer monitoring software that offers excellent spying solutions. Let us get you straight to the details of the TOS mail tracker.

TheOneSpy Gmail/Email Tracker:

TheOneSpy offers complete packages containing multiple advanced features. Email tracker is one of them, and it comes in all packs. Either the mail is receiving or sending by the targeted system, the user can get information with data, time, and date.

Users can also check the receiver or sender username and email address. It helps hugely in knowing the purpose of mail. An employer can easily track all the employee’s emails by using TOS computer monitoring software feature called Gmail/Email tracker.

Guidance of Installing Email Monitoring Software on Targeted System:

Get a subscription to any package that you can afford easily. Then install the app on the targeted computer and activate the email spying functionality.

It immediately starts spying and transfers data to your control panel.

Now, you will be able to track all incoming and outgoing emails with exact time stamps.

Benefits of Computer Spying for Parents and Employers:

Here, we see in both parents’ and employers’ scenario that TOs is profitable for both.

Benefits for parents:

As the kids use their parents’ computer to play games, watch cartoons, or use social media. However, it does not take the time that a kid gets distracted.

Maybe a stalker threatens your kid to get some data from your PC. On the other hand, your kid can send the wrong email to their teacher. With spying software, you can detect if anyone will try to threaten the kid through email.

computer monitoring software
computer monitoring software

Benefits for Employers:

For businesses, this is the perfect resource to ensure that confidential information is secure. The boss can see that no employee is missing an email.

An employer can check and detect if any competitor will try to threaten the employee through email. Or if anyone will send the wrong email to anyone, the user can trace it and take serious action on time.

Plan and Pricing of TheOneSpy Computer Monitoring Plans:

TheOneSpy provides multiple plans so all users could enjoy at their convenience. These days you can also save up to 50% on all solution packs. Let us have a look at their duration and prices.

1st package price is $40 the duration is one month.

2nd Package price is $60 the duration is three months.

3rd Package price is $80 the duration is six months.

4th package price is $110 the duration is Twelve months.

Supported Operating Systems:

With TOS Computer spying software, you can track emails on a PC having window7, 8, and 10. Besides that, all four solutions smoothly run with top brands like Samsung, Dell, Sony, Acer, HP, and LG.

Guaranteed Software:

If you are thinking about its free version, so the TOS does not offer it. Its worthy alternative is that you can buy any package and give a trial run for 14 days.

If you find any error or security issue, return the software before the completion of 14 days. However, you will find it a perfect solution for email spying.

Bottom Lines:

Finally, you have the best computer monitoring software for email spying. TOS is an excellent solution for parents and employers as it comes with advanced mail tracking tools at affordable rates.

Don’t wait; make it your vice choice to take immense advantage of this guaranteed software.

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