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Post: Apple is very serious about Industry 4.0



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Apple this week held its first Smart Manufacturing Forum for SMBs event in South Korea at the Apple Manufacturing R&D Support Center. It’s not only a education and research hub, it also builds smart process related equipment, potentially for use across Apple’s supply chain.

The special event underscores the company’s focus on Industry 4.0 at the heart of its APAC manufacturing chain in South Korea.

Apple’s Industry 4.0 research center

The event took place at the $55 million research and training hub in Pohang that Apple was forced to build in 2021 to settle a case with South Korea’s FTC. This facility was designed to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) learn about Apple’s manufacturing techniques, while also serving as an innovation hub for developers.

Apple promised that the center would, “provide training for using advanced smart technologies well aligned with environment protection.”

Subsequent reports indicate this is the world’s first such center created by Apple.

Bridging the smart industry gap

The Smart Manufacturing Forum was opened by Priya Balasubramaniam, an Apple vice president from the operations team. “Not many companies have bridged the gap between conventional and smart manufacturing,” she said, according to The Korea Herald. “Many, especially small and medium-scale enterprises, don’t know where to begin. At Apple, we believe that we can help bridge this gap. And we saw an opportunity to work toward that mission here,”

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