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Post: 10 Most Popular Instagram Effects & Filters (2024)



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Instagram is consistently growing, paving the way for young creators to find freedom and autonomy to express their talent and creativity while having fun. From creating reels on trending topics to finding ways to upgrade your existing photos, Instagram effects and filters come in clutch.

Choosing one can be challenging, with thousands of different effects and filters in individual categories. The requirement or intent behind using the filter changes depending on the post. For example, when you post a selfie, you want a filter that enhances your appearance. When you post a cinematic shot, you want the filter to add a layer of aesthetic to it.

Choosing the right Instagram filter can transform and upgrade your Instagram game entirely. We have compiled a list of the widespread effects and filters for you to check out.

Top 10 Instagram Filters and Effects for Images, Stories and Videos

Instagram Filters

Instagram filters aren’t limited to posts; you can use them in your stories, videos, and even in your life.

However, with so many different options, it can get confusing to choose which one to use during which specific situation. Here’s a further breakdown:

1. For that Vintage and Retro Vibe


Given the “old money” aesthetic that most Instagram creators are chasing, there is a sharp rise in the popularity of vintage and retro effects and filters. It’s fun, adds a layer of charm to the image, and enhances the overall vibe of the image, video, or story you plan to post. Among the many options, some popular filters that add the retro filter well without distortion are Nostalgia, VHS Vibe, Vintage Film, Vintage Feel, Film Reel, etc.

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2. For Selfies

Instagram filters like Face Shaper

Instagram is all about the “multimedia.” Hence, more than reading the captions, people are first lured into your profile by the video or image you post. So, when adding a selfie to your feed, you need to make it stand out. Since “perfection” is the end goal on Instagram, most people don’t want to upload a selfie that showcases your imperfections like tan lines, crow’s feet, and pimples on the face. To combat these, you can always opt for popular Instagram filters like Face Shaper and Face Smoothener for that “flawless” effect on the selfies.

3. For Effects



We have been discussing and highlighting the popular filters on Instagram, but what about the effects? Instagram has a few pre-integrated effects that are available with a simple swipe after uploading your image or taking the videos. Among the available impacts on Instagram, the two popular ones are Oslo and Tokyo. They don’t distort the color grading or the warmth in the images, which is likely what makes them such a popular choice among users.

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4. For Kodak Filter

Kodak Filter


With more and more users inclining towards the “old school” film camera kind of aesthetic in their Instagram stories and images, Kodak filters are making a return on social media. While Instagram doesn’t have its pre-integrated option, thousands of users are in a similar situation to yours, and thousands of variations of the Kodak filter exist. Some only have the effect of the film camera, while a few others have the border of the film around the image you are snapping, which adds to the fun. Some popular ones are Kodak 400, Asthetik Kodak, Kodak Collage, and [Kodak].

5. For your Food Pictures

Food Filter,


To be fair, if there’s a category after selfies and personal images that take precedence on Instagram, it includes food pictures. Getting to share your recipes or even vlogging your experience eating at a popular food joint outside, food becomes an integral part of the whole Instagram experience. To ensure things don’t look bland, including filters in your images can be a game-changer. However, with food, you want to use natural filters that enhance the current image instead of distorting the colors and the appearance of the food you are trying to showcase to the world. Some options include Bright, Food Pop, Food Filter, LuCook Food Filter, etc.

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6. For Quizzes and Questionnaires

There comes a time when you are so bored that you only want to indulge in a few questionnaires and have some fun passing your time. Instagram has got your back on that, too. There are filters dedicated to questions, quizzes, and fun activities. You can participate in trivia, true and false questions, or even funny quizzes about activities, jokes, etc. Either way, the experience is fun when a bubble pops over your head, and you have 5-10 seconds to answer the question to qualify for the next round. It keeps you on your toes and is a fun experience to indulge in. The quiz filters are constantly evolving, so you can check out the ones you like from the filter library on Instagram.

7. For Adding Mood to the Images

For Adding Mood to the Images


From stickers to representing the day of the week to adding a frame or some grainy texture to add dimension to the image or the story, there are several reasons mood filters are gaining so much traction online. You can enhance the look of the photo or story on Instagram using these filters, not to mention that they also elevate the overall look of the activity on the platform. Instagram has many different mood filters, including mood filter, 70s mood filter, FX, Herzawa Moody Filter, Brown Filter ||, and Moody Mood.

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8. For Adding Art Filters

Instagram directly translates to aesthetics, but there are only so many ways to do it. So, when you have an existing image or video that you wish to “enhance” with filters and effects, the art filters on Instagram come in clutch. These filters do everything from adding sparkles to enhancing the brightness and color saturation. You can even find art filters dedicated to NFTs and the Metaworld, which add a whole new dimension to the image, making it look futuristic. Some art filters worth checking out are NFT Art Filter, Art Engrave Filter, CineArt, Arthasix Art Filter, Filtro do Arthur, etc.

9. For Anime Filters

Anime Filters


Anime and manga have taken over the world, so it’s not surprising that the craze of it has somehow fizzled down to Instagram as well. With various filters on Instagram, you, too, can transform yourself into an anime character. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? These filters are not just for enhancing aesthetics but also great for users who wish to showcase their creativity on Instagram without doing an actual face reveal. Some popular anime filters to explore are anime filter, 90s anime filter, anime filter- SA3kO, Tatto anime, Blue Anime Filter, Douyin Filter, etc.

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10. For Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories


There are many options if you are specifically searching for good filters and effects to apply to your Instagram stories. The primary purpose of these filters is to enhance the image’s quality and appearance and add a layer of aesthetics to the image or video. Be it the retro effect or the overexposed blurry appearance, there are quite a few different filters and effects for your Instagram story that you can consider exploring. There are collage templates available, too. Some popular filters worth trying are Kodak, Film Ink #2, 16mm film, Forest, Golden Hour, A Day, Filter Offta, etc.

How to Add Instagram Filters to Your Posts and Videos?

While third-party Instagram filter applications are available online, you don’t necessarily need many apps to use the incredible filters and effects. The key lies in knowing which filters work for your image and which ones won’t.

So, here’s how you can add the filters:

  • Open the Instagram app on your smartphone.
  • Navigate to the “Story” section, click the image or video, or upload one from the gallery.
  • If you capture the image or video in real-time, you will find an array of filters on the bottom. Swipe until you see the “Browse effects” option and click on it.

In the search bar, you must type the filter you want for the image or post and then apply it. Once done, you can download the story with the used filter and post it on your feed. There’s no need to download a third-party Instagram filters app separately.

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Final Words

Adding Instagram filters and effects is an excellent way of elevating the otherwise dull image or multimedia into something more fun and quirkier. With so many options available, you can find the perfect way to enhance your photos and videos, whether you want a classic retro vibe, a touch of glamour, or a fun, interactive experience for your followers. Remember, the best filter is the one that helps you achieve the look and feel you desire for your content. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun!

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