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Post: How To Start A Blog That Makes Money In 10 Simple Steps



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Starting and monetizing a blog may sound intimidating, but this process is entirely achievable if you do the right things.

To start, you should find a niche, choose a blog name, and work towards growing your website. This article lists ten practical steps for creating a blog to help you make money.

How To Start A Blog And Make Money

1. Find A Niche

Before setting up a website and everything else, you should find a niche that combines your interests and profitability goals. Focusing on a specific topic can better captivate your target audience and establish your authority in that area.

2. Choose Your Blog’s Name

Once you’ve decided on the niche to focus on, the next step is to choose your blog’s name. Remember, the name of your blog is the readers’ first introduction to your site’s branding, so try to incorporate both your niche and personality in your blog’s name.

3. Build Your Website And Go Live

Now, it’s time to get your website online. Research and find a blog hosting platform that suits your budget and preferences. Then, choose a domain name closely related to your blog’s name and make your website go live.

4. Write Your First Blog Post

A blog without posts can never bring you money. So, once your website goes live, it’s time to start planning and publishing your first blog post. Research what and how other bloggers write in your niche and create an article that resonates with your target audience.

Besides writing high-quality content, follow the best SEO practices, such as optimizing relevant keywords and using subheadings as early as possible. Doing so will help improve your blog’s search engine rankings, which correlate directly with your future earnings.

5. Promote Your Blog And Gain Traffic

Although search engine optimization can help you get substantial online traffic, promoting your blog remains one of the best ways to boost your website’s visibility and attract a loyal community.

So, promote your blogs on various social media platforms, take advantage of email marketing, and, if you’re willing to allocate some funds, consider investing in paid promotion.

6. Build A Community

Build a community through your blog where your readers can share their interests and thoughts about your focused niche. Encourage your audience to engage through discussions and questions or share your articles.

Of course, as the author, don’t forget to be interactive and responsive to foster a sense of community in your blogging platform.

7. Track Your Analytics

At this point, you should start tracking your website’s analytics to know how well your website is doing. To do so, monitor your platform’s number of visitors, reads, and clicks.

You may use Google Analytics, which is free, to track these key performance indicators.

8. Start Affiliate Marketing

Once you’ve established a solid online presence, you can start affiliate marketing to earn a commission for every sale your website generates. Some of the most popular affiliate programs you can join include Amazon Associates and eBay Partner Network.

Alternatively, you can establish your affiliate partnerships by reaching out to brands directly and negotiating customized affiliate agreements.

9. Run Ads On Your Blog

Running ads on your website is the classic way to earn money through blogging. To start doing so, sign up for Ad networks like Google Adsense and follow these platforms’ onboarding steps to begin displaying ads that generate revenue on your platform.

10. Grow Your Blog

Blogging is not a set-and-forget income stream. The last and never ending step of starting a blog that makes money is consistently growing your website.

Regularly look for opportunities to improve your metrics; don’t be afraid of changing your approach or experimenting with new strategies. If necessary, seek guidance from experts in the blogging field to help your platform grow.

Best Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

Affiliate Marketing

You can be an affiliate promoting brand products or services to earn money through your blog. With each purchase made using the links you provide, you can earn a commission from the company or seller you promoted for.


Most bloggers generate income from their blogs by selling ad space on their websites. How much you’ll earn through advertisements depends on several factors, including your blog’s traffic, where most of your audience lives, and your ads’ pricing model.

Sell Your Products And Services

As a blogger, you can also use your website to sell your products and services to your readers. Whether offering digital or physical goods, stick within your niche to further establish your online authority.

Write Sponsored Posts

Collaborate with brands and get paid for writing sponsored posts– articles that promote certain services or products. Remember that as mandated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), you must disclose every sponsored content you publish.

Is It Possible To Make Money Blogging In A Few Months?

Yes, it’s possible to start earning with your blog within a few months. However, know that achieving this feat is not so easy.

It takes most bloggers at least 6 to 12 months of consistent content creation to earn reliable income through their blogs. So, if you’re starting a blog from scratch, you should know that success may not come immediately.

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